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  • The Thigh Gap Fad – What It Is, How It Began, and How CoolSculpting Can Help

    Born in the fashion world, the thigh gap gained traction when supermodels began showing off how thin they were. Soon the nation became obsessed with the look.

    The thigh gap may be tough for some women to get, no matter how thin they get. It has to do with your build, which is something you can’t change. There are eight common female body shapes:

    1. Straight

      You have a straight body shape if your hips and bust are balanced, your waist isn’t defined, your behind is flat, and you tend to gain weight in your torso first followed by your upper thighs and arms. Your lower legs are most likely your best feature.

    2. Pear

      You have a pear-shaped body if your hips are larger than your breasts, but you have a nicely defined waist. Most pear shapes have a nice neckline as well as slim arms and shoulders. You tend to gain weight first in your bottom and legs followed by your stomach. Your waist is probably your best feature, so show it off.

    3. Spoon

      You have a spoon-shaped body type if your hips are larger than your breasts and you have a defined waist. However, your hips have a “shelf” appearance, and you tend to gain weight first in your stomach, with love handles resulting. Your lower legs and arms tend to be your best assets.

    4. Hourglass

      If you have this body shape, you may have a natural thigh gap. Your breasts and hips are well balanced and you have a defined waist. And you have gently rounded shoulders that align with your hips. Hourglass shapes also have a round bottom, and their upper bodies tend to be proportionate in length to their shapely legs. Your entire body is well-balanced.

    5. Inverted hourglass

      If you have this body shape, you have a defined waist and breasts that are larger than your hips. You have curvy hips as well as rounded shoulders and a rounded bottom.

    6. Inverted triangle

      If you have this body shape, you have larger upper body with broad shoulders, a wide back, and large breasts. Your hips are slim and your behind is probably flat. You may tend to gain weight in your belly and upper body, and your waist may not be defined. However, you probably have shapely legs, which are your best asset.

    7. Oval

      This body shape has large breasts, narrow hips, and a full midsection. If you have this body type, then you tend to gain weight around your stomach, back, and upper body. Because of this, your waist is undefined and is typically the widest part of your frame. You might also have a short neck and a full face. Your behind tends to be flat and your legs are slender. Your best asset is your legs.

    8. Diamond

      This body shape has hips that are broader than your breasts and shoulders. If this describes you, you tend to gain weight around your stomach, back, hips, and buttocks. Your waist is undefined and the widest part of your frame, and you tend to carry extra weight in your upper legs. However, your lower legs and arms are your best features.

    Regardless of your body type, you can still achieve toned thighs, even if no gap appears. These exercises can help you get slender, shapelier legs:

    • Squats. The natural movement of this exercise really helps to tone and shape your thighs. Squats help to build your leg muscles, including your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. And they help you improve your upper body strength, too.
    • Deadlifts. Deadlifts work more muscles than any other exercise. Deadlifts result in toned, shapely legs, and it works your upper body and back muscles, too.
    • Lunges. Lunges target your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and core muscles. They are also back-friendly.
    • Calf raises. Calf raises strengthen your gastrocnemius and soleus muscles to define your lower legs.

    Aerobic activities that are great for toning and slimming down thighs and legs include brisk walking, running, stair climbing, and cycling.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

    Mind the Gaps with CoolSculpting


    Your CoolSculpting medical professional will help you to create a treatment plan tailored to your specific goals. The length of your session will vary according to the number of areas treated. Additional sessions may be necessary.

    Slight pressure and noticeable cold may become apparent during your CoolSculpting treatment. These soon go away. You may also feel sensations of deep pulling, tugging, or numbness.

    Completely nonsurgical, CoolSculpting lets you return to normal activities immediately. In the weeks and months to follow, your body will continue to eliminate the treated cells. This is completely natural. And when those cells are gone, they’re gone for good!

    Side effects are minor. After a session you may experience numbness, redness, swelling, bruising, firmness, tingling, stinging, or slight discomfort.

    You may see results as soon as three weeks after your initial CoolSculpting treatment. The most dramatic results will appear after two months. And your body will continue to flush fat cells for four to six months after treatment.

    And don’t worry about having to adopt new exercise or diet habits. With CoolSculpting, it’s not necessary. If you do happen to gain weight after a treatment, you’ll do so evenly all over your body.

    But most patients, after seeing the amazing results from CoolSculpting, commit to maintaining their new look. This means they need never worry about trouble spots again!

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

    Your CoolSculpting Is Only a LaserAway

    LaserAway offers the best CoolSculpting experience around. We strive to provide the best customer service. And our highly trained staff is experienced and certified in laser and other dermatological procedures. Our innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology help to ensure that your experience is comfortable, enjoyable, and satisfying.

    Want to learn more about CoolSculpting? Then schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today by emailing or calling our staff at (888) 965-2737.

    *Results and patient experience may vary.

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