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  • Finding the Best Laser Hair Removal System

    Laser hair removal is increasing in popularity, especially with the improvement of the lasers used in the process. Laser hair removal is one of the best ways to permanently reduce hair growth. Lasers systematically seek out the pigment, or melanin, in hair, focusing their intense light to create heat that disrupts the follicle permanently. The result — the follicle can no longer produce hair. Currently, you can choose to see a professional or use an at-home laser hair removal system.

    Improvement with Time

    During laser hair removal’s fledgling years, lasers weren’t as fine-tuned as they are today, resulting in more burns. In addition, it was difficult for doctors to remove hair from those with tanned or darker complexions because the lasers’ wavelengths wouldn’t allow for the differentiation between melanin in skin and melanin in hair. Fortunately, time has produced the best laser hair removal systems available today.

    Home Laser Hair Removal Systems

    Currently, there are a few laser hair removal devices approved by the FDA for home use. These are small, and are easy to hold and operate. They utilize lasers similar to those in professional medical clinics. According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, at home devices yield comparable results to those you receive in a professional facility; the results may take a bit longer, however.

    Cautions for Home Use Systems

    The devices are generally safe to use at home, if you have the correct skin and hair type. Most home-use devices will not work on dark or deeply tanned skin tones. Some high-end models have a built in detection system that analyzes your skin tone, and will not unlock if you do not match the laser’s capacity. Other devices do not have this feature, so caution is advised. If your skin is dark or tanned, see a professional for service, rather than risk burns with an at-home system.

    Professional Procedures are the Best Option

    Allowing a professional to perform the laser hair removal is recommended to achieve the best results possible. Dermatologists and other doctors will have received training to understand how to properly adjust the laser wavelengths and heat to suit each person’s skin and hair types. They may even use a mixture of lasers to achieve the desired results, which you couldn’t get from an at-home laser system.

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