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  • Hair Growth in Women Something More Severe?

    Women are now being told to watch out for abnormal hair growth patterns as a means to identify potential infertility problems. Women who have recently noticed a need to shave more often than usual should consider visiting a physician to be examined for the PCOS condition. While many women with PCOS go on to have children with no complications, others require professional medical treatment to control symptoms.

    With PCOS, women can experience weight gain, acne and baldness in addition to hirsutism. Excess testosterone produced in the body becomes a major problem, causing many women to have to shave regularly and more often than other women.

    Tumors, androgenital syndromes and polycystic ovaries can all cause hirsutism in women. Hirsutism is a condition that affects many women with hormonal imbalances and other health conditions. It increases the amount of facial hair on the woman’s face and other parts of the body. The body’s response to androgens stimulates hair growth. When this occurs and cannot be contained, women may undergo medical treatments that restore balance internally to control hair growth. Women also have a choice in pursuing a service similar to a laser hair removal for leg procedure to control facial hair.

    Women can use the manual plucking method for removing excess hair. Women with more hair growth may have to rely on depilatory creams for hair removal. Shaving does help with the excess hair removal, but the short term solution can also be time consuming for women.

    Most women think of the procedure of laser hair removal for leg when they think of cosmetic procedures to eliminate excess hair. Many women are unaware of how safely hirsutism can be managed and treated with laser hair removal services.

    Lasers can be used to remove excess hair with light. The light is used to generate heat within the hair follicles. The light from the cosmetic procedure makes it difficult for the hair to grow. Minimal scarring does result from the procedure, but this problem is temporary.

    Medications taken to control estrogen levels combined with laser treatment usually works best for women with the PCOS condition. Over time, the estrogen levels will normalize and the hair growth becomes less of a problem.

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