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  • How To Get Rid Of Chin Hair

    Most women have hair on their chin.  Some of these hairs are simply wispy and they are only visible every once in a while. Women, more commonly, can suffer from coarse and dark hairs that require a lot more maintenance.

    Hair present on the chin can be unsightly and embarrassing, especially for women.  Options to remove the hair include plucking, shaving, bleaching and waxing.  These methods can be painful and only temporarily remove the hair.  Depending on the individual hair growth rate, a person could be shaving their chin daily. Also, for dark-haired women, the hair follicle below the skin can still be visible and cause the “five o’clock shadow”.  While this wouldn’t be necessarily a problem for a man, it can really take a toll on a woman’s self-image. Laser hair removal treatments offer a safe, more permanent alternative.

    Chin Laser Hair Removal is FDA approved for permanent hair reduction.  The laser hair removal treatment uses pulsed light to disable the hair follicle at the root.  The treatment is most successful on fair skin with dark hair because the light targets the dark pigment in the hair.  Chin laser hair removal sessions last approximately 15 minutes and permanent hair removal can be achieved in about six months.

    LaserAway offers twelve state-of-the-art facilities throughout California to meet all of your laser hair removal needs, including chin laser hair removal. LaserAway’s staff is compassionate, highly skilled, licensed technicians ready to assist you with all of your aesthetic needs. Visit online today and schedule a free consultation to rid yourself of all of your unwanted body hair, whether it is on your chin or elsewhere.

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