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  • Laser Hair Removal Risks

    Laser hair removal procedures are an amazing way of semi-permanently removing unwanted hair from virtually any part of the body . The laser is an intense vibrating beam of heated light which kills the actual hair follicle. But like any other medical procedures, there are risks and a certain amount of pain involved.

    Every LaserAway patient will have a consultation prior to receiving any laser hair removal treatments to discuss individual options as each person varies in skin pigmentation and hair density. A cooling gel or numbing cream may be applied to the area to assist is dissipating the heat applied.

    Each session of laser hair treatment may produce a redness to the skin where the treatment has been received, this is nothing to be concerned about, this will normally disappear within a few hours.

    A reaction is also a risk of laser hair removal, and can happen easier to darker skinned people as the skin will absorbe heat easier from the laser. Changes in pigmentation of the skin are the most noticeable risk. There are two types of pigmentation coloring which can be result from laser hair removal treatments, they are hypopigmentation which lightens the skin, and hyperpigmentation which darkens the skin. LaserAway prides itself on having a reaction rate less than 1 percent. This is because we have always made the patients safety our number one priority.

    While considering laser hair removal procedures, treatment success depends upon the reliability and professionalism of the trained technician to reduce the possibility of risks. Always be sure to consult a cosmetic dermatologist to assess the risk factor prior to any obligation for laser hair removal treatments

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