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  • Laser Hair Removal Sessions

    Laser hair removal works by focusing a laser’s light on the pigment found in hair. The light then heats up the hair shaft, sending the heat energy down into the follicle and permanently interrupting the growth of new hair. This process is only permanent if the laser hits a hair while it is in the growth stage. For this reason, several sessions are needed to achieve optimal results. These sessions are typically spread out over a period of months, giving all the hair in the target area a chance to move into the growth phase.

    Typical Time Frame

    Most areas of the body take between three and seven sessions to achieve the desired amount of hair reduction. However, the amount of hair and its coarseness will determine the actual amount of sessions needed. In areas of dense hair that is coarse and curly, you will likely need more visits in order for laser hair removal to yield satisfactory results. The areas of lower density, like the upper lip, usually take less time to treat.


    At LaserAway, you will purchase your laser hair removal in a group of sessions. The pricing is based on the intended area and the approximate number of times you will need to visit. Prices are affordable and competitive, especially considering the amount of money most people spend paying for razors, waxing and other supplies over the course of a lifetime. The permanent hair removal solution lasers offer is a wise investment.


    Who can put a price on satisfaction? Laser hair removal eliminates the need to shave, wax, pluck or otherwise worry about unsightly body hair. You never have to wonder if other people notice unusual hair growth. You can go on vacation for weeks in a tropical climate without being concerned with shaving and potential ingrown hairs or infection. Laser hair removal is the best choice for permanent hair reduction.


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