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  • Permanent Hair Removal Cream

    The Various Methods of Hair Removal

    There are currently several methods of hair removal available, many of which can be used at home. Shaving is perhaps the simplest and most popular hair removal method: it only requires water, shaving cream, and a razor.

    Plucking or tweezing is another at-home way of removing hair. People typically use it to remove hair from the eyebrows or face. Waxing removes a section of hair by the roots, while depilatory creams remove hair from the surface of the skin.

    Non-Permanent Hair Removal: Depilatory Creams

    Depilatory creams work through chemical means. They are a non-permanent method of hair removal. The chemicals in the cream work to dissolve the protein in hair. They turn it into a soft mass that is easily wiped away.

    Follow directions carefully, as the cream should not be left on the skin longer than indicated. These creams can be acidic or basic, and are intended to dissolve the hair on the surface. Hair isn’t pulled out from the root like with waxing, so the effects do not last as long.

    Non-Permanent Hair Removal: Waxing

    Waxing is another non-permanent way to rid your skin of its hair. Sections of hair are covered in a hot or cold wax, and a strip of cloth is pressed into the wax mixture in the direction of hair growth. A quick, firm movement pulls the cloth away from the skin, taking the hair by the root with it.

    Waxing is painful, but results can last up to four weeks. Some salons may offer a numbing cream on the skin prior to this non-permanent hair removal method, making it easier to bear.

    Non-Permanent Hair Removal: Shaving

    Shaving with disposable razors is typically easy and safe. Warm water and shaving cream or soap are placed on the skin, and the razor is passed over the hair. It is often recommended to shave in the direction of hair growth to help avoid ingrown hairs. Effects last only a few days, and the method must be repeated frequently to obtain smooth skin.

    Permanent Hair Removal: Laser Treatment

    Dermatologists agree that one of the only ways to permanently reduce hair growth and remove hair is to use laser technology.

    The process is simple. The laser hits the hair, heats it up and compromises the follicle, preventing it from producing more hair. Over a few treatment sessions, the hair in the area does not grow back, leaving you with a much more permanent hair removal solution.

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