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  • Preparing for Laser Hair Removal Treatments

    LaserAway, California’s leading laser hair removal clinic offers affordable hair removal treatments for every part of the body. Laser hair removal procedures have been deemed safe by the FDA and are a recognized method for the permanent reduction of hair growth. Types of laser beams used to depend on the individual’s skin pigmentation and hair color. The laser beam is an intensely heated vibrating beam of light which is passed over the skin and will damage each hair follicle, greatly reducing the capacity for producing new hair. This results in very little or no hair growth, creating a smoother complexion and boosting personal confidence.

    The areas which are to undergo laser hair removal treatments need to be free of perfume, deodorants, and any cosmetics which may dissipate the heat generated by the laser. Skin areas where excessive amounts of hair grow will need to be shaved. A cooling gel or liquid may then be applied before laser hair surgery to assist with dispensing the heat and preventing the burning of the skin.

    It is advisable for all prospective laser hair removal treatment patients to get little or no sun exposure a minimum of four weeks prior to treatment. Suntan will reduce the effect of the laser and can result in a reaction to the laser treatment. If the patient has blonde or grey hair, a dying agent such as Meladine may be used to achieve maximum results from the treatments.

    Prospective patients should cease waxing treatments or tweezing hair three weeks before receiving laser hair removal procedures. Plucking and bleaching should stop a minimum of two weeks before laser surgery unless with bleaching instructed to do so by the technician or consultant. Genital herpes, cold sores, or any other skin problems or complaints should be treated before surgery commences. Laser hair removal technicians may refuse treatment if medical conditions will either seriously affect the outcome of the treatment or there is a possible infection risk to the patient or the technician.

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