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  • Where & Why of Laser Hair Removal

    Qualified laser hair removal professionals can permanently reduce the amount of unwanted body hair from virtually every part of the human body. The technologically advanced laser damages individual hair follicles preventing future growth. Both men and women may benefit from laser hair removal treatments for many parts of the body

    Facial laser hair removal

    The face is the most visual part of the body and is also the first physical attraction possible suitors see. Upper lip, side burn, and eye brow treatments are the most common form of facial laser hair treatment. The sessions for these type of procedures are relatively quick and the patient can return to work within the hour. Uni-brow laser hair removal treatments for men offer a chance to remove the obtrusive centre hair growth on the forehead.

    Back and shoulder laser hair removal treatments

    Many men have back and shoulder hair and in recent polls this hair has been voted the ugliest male hair on the body. Shaving the back and shoulder areas is extremely difficult, opting for laser hair removal treatment is the perfect method to permanently reduce hair in these areas. These sessions may take several hours depending upon the density and the amount of hair present.

    Arm and leg laser hair removal

    Laser treatment on the legs and arms greatly reduces the visible hairs within a short period of time. Shaving these areas can cause the hair to grow back more rapidly and thicker than ever before. Laser treatments on the arms and legs are more effective than any other type of hair removal techniques.

    Brazilian and bikini line laser hair removal

    The difficult parts to reach of a female are the hardest for an individual to remove hair by themselves. Waxing is to messy and can easily burn sensitive parts, and shaving is dangerous at the best of times. Laser hair removal permits a more manageable solution to other methods of removing hair from sensitive areas of the body. Once the sessions are completed a lady can be confident that the area will not need maintaining for a lengthy period of time.

    Laser hair removal techniques are FDA approved and are one of the safest methods of permanently reducing hair growth. All laser treatments carry certain risks and an initial consultant with a medical professional will determine an individuals possible risk assessment.

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