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  • Ultimate Bridal Beauty Guide

    Is getting married really an excuse to go all out on beauty treatments? Of course, it is! Though your wedding day will seem like an instant, the photos of it will hopefully last for generations—so you’ll want to look your best. Basic beauty routines, like a bit of moisturizer and some damage-control concealer, just won’t cut it.

    As a rule of thumb, you should get med spa treatments for beauty challenges you’re insecure about or that will potentially look terrible in photos. After all, you want to feel and look fabulous on your special day.

    It’s essential that you plan ahead with your beauty treatments. Overloading on beauty and grooming routines just days before you say “I do” can leave you looking and feeling not only less than perfect, it can also increase your stress on the very day you want to look poised and serene. Though you should ideally begin your beauty regime three to four months before your wedding, even 30 days is adequate for the most important self-care rituals.

    Yahoo Lifestyle reports on the most essential beauty treatments to get before your big day:

    Whiten those teeth

    You’ll be smiling a lot on your big day, so it’s essential that your pearly whites are, well, white. Whitening products work differently on different people, and the level of whiteness that you’re able to achieve depends on the molecular structure of the tooth. Though over-the-counter whitening strips work great on some people, others may not see any significant changes in color.

    If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can use whitening strips or at-home bleaching trays. But, if you want a more dramatic effect, you should probably consider in-office bleaching, which delivers impressive results in just one hour.

    Get silky smooth with lasers

    You definitely don’t want any stubble showing while you’re wearing your stunning, strapless wedding dress. Laser hair removal treatments will ensure that your skin looks – and stays – silky smooth on your wedding day. Laser hair removal works best on brides with darker hair and lighter skin.

    Unfortunately, most lasers are unable to treat gray or peachy-fuzzy blond hair. And make sure you start early: brides-to-be should start undergoing laser hair removal treatments at least six months before the wedding. Five treatments are typically required, and they should be spaced out in one-to-two month intervals–this will give you enough time to see significant results.

    Microdermabrasion those flaws away

    Since people will be taking loads of pictures on your wedding day, you’ll want to make sure your skin looks flawless – and microdermabrasion will ensure you truly look like a goddess. How? Microdermabrasion removes the superficial layers of the skin using mildly abrasive aluminum oxide crystals. It removes dead skin cells, polishes the skin’s outer surface, and drains clogged pores, giving you smoother, softer skin. Microdermabrasion only takes about 15 minutes, and treatments are done at three-to-six week intervals for maximum results.

    Need more beauty advice for the big day? Then read on!

    Visit a dermatologist

    A good dermatologist will help you set up a plan of action a few months before the wedding. Though cosmetic enhancement or corrective treatments should be done before this time, brides can see their dermatologist right up to the last minute for cortisone injections should a pimple pop up. Cortisone injections reduce swelling and make any blemishes disappear within 24 hours.

    Think twice before booking facials

    Facials can potentially do more harm than good. Brides can experience allergic reactions from unfamiliar products, and they can suffer scars after extractions. Instead, dermatologists recommend the Isolaz laser treatment, which cleans out blackheads and whiteheads without damaging the skin.

    Want to look fabulous on your big day? Then visit your local LaserAway. We aim to make your medical spa experience comfortable, enjoyable and satisfying. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today by emailing or calling the staff at LaserAway at (888) 965-2737. We look forward to helping you make your wedding day fabulous!

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