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  • 10 Things to do Before Hitting the Beach This July 4th

    4th of July Beach Hacks

    Can you believe that the Fourth of July is just around the corner? And you know what that means – even more pool parties, cook outs, and fun in the sun! But are you ready for all this summer socializing? If you’re not ready to flaunt some skin, the prospect of endless parties can definitely send you running for the sand dunes. Don’t worry, though. With our top ten tips, you’ll be the talk of the beach!

    People vary in how they get ready for their Fourth of July beach outings. Masha Johansen, a personal assistant from Miami, Florida, likes to wax her whole body, and then apply a shimmery self-tanning lotion to look more sun kissed and smooth. Marit Olsen, a marketing assistant from San Diego, California, on the other hand, is more subtle. All she does is shave her legs and underarms. Both women could look better, though, by following some of our tips. And who wouldn’t want to be queen of the beach?

    LaserAway’s Top 10 Beach Hacks

    [dropcap]1[/dropcap] Spray-On Tans

    spray on tanWant perfectly sun-kissed skin without the damage? Then consider investing in a high-quality spray-on tan. Not only does spray tanning make you look slimmer, it also helps reduce the appearance of unsightly cellulite. This is because dimpled areas are less noticeable on darker skin. Remember that preparation and application are key with self-tanners. You should first exfoliate with a scrub in the shower to remove dead, flaky skin cells. Then apply the tanner to your body with a damp sponge in circular motions. This allows the tanner to go on evenly and blend away streaks.

     If you want natural looking results, always start with a light-colored formula rather than a dark option; it’s easier to build up pigment than to remove it.

    What should you look for in a self-tanner? For instant results, try a tinted formula so you can see what areas of your body could benefit from an application. This will help you avoid streaks and missed spots. If you want natural looking results, always start with a light-colored formula rather than a dark option; it’s easier to build up pigment than to remove it. Whatever you do, just say no to a real tan. It’ll damage your skin and make cellulite look even worse.

    [dropcap]2[/dropcap] Laser Hair Removal

    Every woman wants smooth, subtle skin. But if you’re like most women, you probably dread the thought of constantly waxing and shaving. There’s hope, though. Laser hair removal is a simple, relatively painless procedure, and it works fast. 90% of hair is permanently gone after a series of three to six treatments.

    The best part about laser hair removal is that it can be used virtually anywhere on the body – say goodbye to ingrown hairs! If you start now, you can be virtually hair-free by the end of summer – just in time for the few remaining pool parties!

    [dropcap]3[/dropcap] Botox

    botox injectionsAre you starting to notice frown lines, crow’s feet, and smoker’s lines? Then Botox can help—and just in time for July Fourth, too. Botox is a prescription medicine that, when injected into dynamic wrinkles, instantly eliminates them by temporarily relaxing the muscles that cause them. The best things about Botox? Its effects are immediate, and with no recovery time involved, this means you can have the procedure done a few days before July Fourth. Everyone will be talking about your radiant, youthful skin.

    [dropcap]4[/dropcap] VelaShape

    Let’s face it: most of us suffer from cellulite—not to mention a few love handles as well. What can be done about these things other than spending months at the gym? Check out VelaShape! VelaShape is the only FDA-cleared device that effectively and safely contours, shapes and slims the body by reducing cellulite while firming problem areas.

     VelaShape does this in as little as four treatments. Best of all, there’s no recovery time involved

    Clinical trials have shown that VelaShape produces a circumferential loss of up to three inches on places where it counts. VelaShape does this in as little as four treatments. Best of all, there’s no recovery time involved, so VelaShape can fit perfectly into your active lifestyle.

    [dropcap]5[/dropcap] Teeth Whitening

    teeth whiteningDiscolored teeth are a surefire sign of age. Given that you’ll probably be smiling a lot while hanging out at the beach, it’s essential that your pearly whites are, well, white. Whitening products work differently on different people, and the level of whiteness that you’re able to achieve depends on the molecular structure of the tooth. Although over-the-counter whitening strips work great on some people, others may not see significant changes in color. If you want a more dramatic effect, you should probably consider in-office bleaching, which delivers impressive results in just one hour.

    [dropcap]6[/dropcap] Microdermabrasion

    Want dewy, glowing skin but don’t want to spend tons of money? Then check out microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a med spa treatment that removes the superficial layers of the skin using mildly abrasive aluminum oxide crystals. It removes dead skin cells, polishes the skin’s outer surface, and drains clogged pores, giving you smoother, softer skin. Microdermabrasion only takes about 15 minutes, and treatments are done at three-to-six week intervals for maximum results—but results can be seen in as little as one treatment!

    [dropcap]7[/dropcap] Sun-Kissed Highlights

    blonde highlightsIt’s true: a month of sun and salt water creates the most marvelous beach blonde hair. Luckily, sun and ocean are no longer the only way to capture the essence of summer in your hair. If you want professional looking highlights, you’re going to have to pay for them. To avoid artificial looking highlights, you should choose a color that is close to your hair’s natural color and texture. In other words, embrace what your mother gave you, and then enhance—not change—it. Work with a colorist you trust, and have faith in their professional opinion. Any good stylist would advise you not to shift your hair color more than one or two shades at a time. With perfectly sun kissed highlights, you’ll be turning everyone’s head at the beach!

    [dropcap]8[/dropcap] LED Facials

    Have some sun damage you want to reverse? Then check out LED facials. LED photo facials boost collagen using a narrow spectrum light, producing firmer, younger looking skin. They also help control acne flare ups by destroying harmful bacteria within the skin. The effects of the light therapy depend on the wavelength being used. Infrared light stimulates fibroblasts, which produce collagen and elastin. The result? Plumper, smoother, and firmer skin. Blue wavelengths kill acne-causing bacteria, and green wavelengths correct skin discoloration. The best part of LED facials is that there’s no downtime involved, and results can be seen in as little as one treatment!

    [dropcap]9[/dropcap] Juvederm

    Want to erase those annoying wrinkles around your mouth and nose just in time for that July Fourth party? Then Juvederm may be right for you. Juvederm is a revolutionary dermal filler that instantly banishes wrinkles around the mouth and nose. It’s also great for facial contouring and improving the appearance of scars. With just one treatment you’ll get natural looking results that last up to one year. The best part of Juvederm is that it requires no downtime, and results are immediate. People at the beach won’t believe your age.

    [dropcap]10[/dropcap] Detox Diet

    detox dietHave a few pounds to lose but not a lot of time? Then you might want to consider doing a detox diet. There are loads to choose from, but all of them share one common goal: to help you de-bloat and jump start your metabolism. Most detox diets emphasize consuming whole fruits and vegetables while eliminating caffeine, sodium, processed sugars, gluten, wheat, dairy and meat. The results? You could potentially lose between five and ten pounds in as little as one week. While any weight loss achieved may only be semi-temporary, you’ll still look lean and mean for Fourth of July. And that’s what counts, right?

    With just a few simple med spa treatments or a week-long detox diet, you’ll be the glowing beach goddess you’ve always wanted to be.

    The take home message is clear. Follow these tips and you’ll look stunning—and just in time for the Fourth of July! No matter what your budget or needs are, there’s a beauty regimen for everyone. With just a few simple med spa treatments or a week-long detox diet, you’ll be the glowing beach goddess you’ve always wanted to be.

    Need help getting ready for July Fourth? Then visit your local LaserAway. We’re proud to offer the most medical spa service options of any national skincare provider. We aim to make your medical spa experience comfortable, enjoyable and satisfying. Schedule a free, no obligation consultation today by emailing or calling the staff at LaserAway at (888) 965-2737.

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