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  • 2014’s Best Hair Removal Lasers

    Laser hair removal is sweeping the nation. In 2010 alone nearly one million treatments were performed in the United States. For women over 35 years old, laser hair removal is second only to Botox as far as beauty treatments are concerned.

    Why all the fuss? Laser hair removal is the only safe and effective way to permanently remove unwanted body hair. Nothing compares to the ease and comfort of laser hair removal. Compared to other permanent hair removal techniques such as electrolysis, laser hair removal is faster, gentler and safer. Laser hair removal is so effective that most people experience permanent hair loss after an average of three to five sessions.

    It Seems Like Magic

    Cynosure Apogee EliteHow does laser hair removal work? Laser hair removal uses laser light pulses to selectively destroy hair follicles by targeting the melanin in them. The follicle’s pigment absorbs the laser’s light pulse, damaging the follicle enough to significantly slow down hair regrowth. Since the lasers target melanin, coarse, dark hair and light skin combinations tend to respond best to treatment. But that’s not to say that more recently developed lasers can’t safely and effectively remove hair on darker skin tones.

    Laser hair removal has come a long way since it first received FDA clearance in the mid 1990s. Older generation lasers were slow, painful and worked only on individuals with very dark hair and very light skin. Progress was made, however. New laser technologies are being developed, and the more innovative lasers on the market work on nearly all skin tones. Some lasers are even safe for treating tanned skin. Best of all, hair removal lasers can be performed on any area of the body – from the face to the legs and bikini area.

    The Best Lasers in the Business

    Interested in learning about some of the most revolutionary lasers on the market? We’ll take you step-by-step through the different types of lasers used in the industry.

    The Ruby Laser

    This is the original hair removal laser. Its deep red color at 694nm is very well absorbed by the melanin pigment in hair, making it an excellent choice for fine and light-colored hair. But it does have its disadvantages. Because melanin is present in the skin as well, the Ruby laser cannot be used on patients with skin that is not very light, including tanned skin. Because of this limitation, slow repetition rate, and relatively small beam of light, Ruby lasers have become less popular for laser hair removal in recent years.

    The Alexandrite Laser

    This laser produces a reddish light. With its large (up to 18mm) beam of light and high repetition rate, the Alexandrite laser is the fastest hair removal laser on the market, and is suitable for rapid treatment of large body areas in patients with light to olive complexions. It’s so fast that an entire back can be treated in less than 30 minutes. Because the Alexandrite laser emits fewer pulses during a laser hair removal session, it boasts the added benefit of lessening patient discomfort.

    The Diode Laser

    This laser consists of a high-power laser diode emitting infrared (invisible) light at 800-808nm. The longer wavelength allows deep penetration into the skin, which means it’s especially safe for darker skin types—yet with less efficacy for lighter and finer hair. Because the Diode laser has a smaller beam of light, this may mean a longer treatment.

    The Nd:YAG Laser

    This laser can be used on all skin types, including tanned skin. Large beams of light and fast repetition rates allow large areas to be treated quickly. Because the Nd:YAG laser produces one of the longest beams, fewer pulses are required to get the job done. This means shorter laser hair removal sessions, minimal patient discomfort, and reduced risk of complications. The Nd:YAG laser’s only disadvantage is that it’s less effective on fine and light hair than other hair removal lasers.

    IPL Lasers

    IPL devices are not lasers, because they emit non-coherent light of many different wavelengths. Because most of the light energy is in the shorter wavelengths, treatment of darker skin types is less effective than with other hair removal lasers. In basic terms, IPL is far less effective than laser hair removal. The energy is produced by a lamp much like a light bulb, and produces a variety of light waves, meaning that it is more diffuse and less powerful. It is usually limited to use on fairer skin types.

    Remember that laser hair removal is the only proven method available for easily and painlessly removing hair from large areas of the body, including the back, chest, legs and face. It’s the preferred way to remove hair because it’s safer and more permanent than other methods such as waxing, plucking, shaving, and electrolysis.

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