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  • Beauty Alert: What’s Up With L.A. Skinny?

    Goodbye Cellulite! The word on the street and on the internets is that L.A. Skinny by L.A. Medical is “ALL THE RAGE” and will be a revolutionary part of the beauty world. We are here to tell you what that exact rage is, what it’s there for, it’s benefits and just how easily it can fit right into your lifestyle. We’re so excited about this news: L.A. Skinny was formulated by a team of L.A.’s leading cosmetic doctors for those of us who wish to remove the appearance of cellulite without the cost and down-time of invasive surgery. L.A. Skinny uses natural and clinically-tested substances to target cellulite the second that it is applied, along with enhanced caffeine and cellulite fighting agents are combined to form an effective, cutting edge cellulite treatment—without the cutting. Easy enough, right?

    Now to the fun part of HOW IT WORKS: Caffeine! Not only do we love it in our morning coffee, but we may hear from time to time that it does in fact help reduce the appearance of cellulite when we apply it and massage it into our skin. L.A. Skinny’s innovativeformula delivers that powerful caffeine right into the cellulite-affected areas. The result, you ask? Even texture and smoothing of the skin…which ultimately means flawless, youthful, beautiful and cellulite-free! When it’s massaged into the skin, the caffeine stimulates the breakdown of fat cells and widens the blood vessels in the area. This causes increased circulation and blood flow—SCORE! It helps to remove those toxins, fat, and excess fluids, creating a new and improved (smooth!) texture of the skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite in general…which is exactly, precisely, and absolutely what we want in our beauty regimen, our beauty routine, and ultimately our beauty outcome. Beneficial? Absolutely. No surgery. No down time. Just results! You should definitely get on board!

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