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  • Best Season for Laser Hair Removal

    Getting rid of unwanted hair is popular during any season of the year, especially in areas like Los Gatos where the climate is mild. Though in fall and winter months, in certain areas of the U.S., it’s easier to hide body hair underneath long layers. In the summer, bearing the skin definitely reveals some of the hair you’ve been keeping under wraps. So when is the best time for laser hair removal? Let’s take a look…

    Laser Hair Removal Basics

    The basic principle behind laser hair removal is the use of laser light to heat up the hair shaft, eventually disabling a hair follicle’s ability to reproduce hair. Each of the different types of lasers are attracted to melanin, or the pigment in hair. The lasers pass through the skin, seeking the colored melanin. However, the laser can only permanently affect a hair follicle if the hair is in the growth phase. If it’s in a dormant or shedding phase, it will grow back. For this reason, your doctor will recommend staggering several sessions over the course of a few months. In this way, you have a better chance of hitting all the hair while its in the growth stage.

    Winter Is Recommended

    The colder or rainy months, where you don’t see as much sun in Los Gatos, are ideal for laser hair removal. First, it’s easier to get it done during the months where you where longer layers and don’t shave, wax or depilate as often. Second, it isn’t recommended to expose your skin to sun before or after laser hair removal treatment. Tanned skin can cause the laser to target the melanin in your skin, rather than the hair. In addition, the skin is more sensitive after a treatment, and will burn easily. Getting less sun, which is more natural in the fall and winter, is better.

    Sunny Climates Make it Tough

    Living in sunny areas like California’s Los Gatos area makes it a little trickier to try laser hair removal. Just use caution and common sense, avoiding sun exposure on the areas you want to or have received treatment. You can also talk to your doctor for tips about caring for your skin before and after laser hair removal.

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