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  • Is Your Bikini Line Ready for Pool Season?

    June is around the corner, and we all know what that means – pool season! Your first thought might be: “Yikes, I can’t wear a bikini in public just yet!” And it’s true: This is the time of year when grooming habits are front and center, especially if you suffer excessive hair growth. Don’t fret, though — there are different hair removal options available. You’re likely to find one that fits your budget and hair removal needs.

    Take the example of Lindsey Bluth, a high school English teacher in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Bluth has fair skin and light, sparse hair. How does she prepare for pool season? Lindsey shaves her legs and trims her bikini area. Suzie Knome, a lawyer from Newark, New Jersey, on the other hand, dreads summer. She has thick, dark hair and prefers undergoing laser hair removal treatments to rid herself of excess hair.

    The experiences of both women illustrate that while sporting smooth legs for beach season is pretty standard, personal grooming habits in the bikini region vary widely. Some women prefer to just keep the area trim and tidy, and yet others prefer to go all out – meaning, “Brazilian style.” Whatever your preferences and needs, we’ve got the scoop on the hottest hair removal methods.


    Shaving is perhaps the simplest and fastest way to remove unwanted hair. Because shaving doesn’t remove hair at the root or disrupt the follicle, its effects are only temporary–lasting anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Shaving is most effective on legs, underarms and the bikini area.

    Shaving does have its drawbacks, however, including the risk of getting ingrown hairs, irritated skin, and cuts. Nevertheless, shaving is one of the cheapest hair removal methods available – all you have to do is buy a razor and some shaving cream!


    Waxing has been around for centuries as a hair removal technique because it’s simple, fast and effective. How does it work? Wax is warmed until it’s soft and spreadable. Using a wooden stick, the warm wax is spread on the desired area, and then a clean cloth is pressed down on the warm wax. The cloth is yanked off quickly, pulling the hair with it. Because wax pulls the hair out from the root, its effects last longer than shaving — generally a couple of weeks.

    Waxing can remove hair anywhere on the body, including the upper lip, chin, eyebrows, bikini area, arms and legs.  Professional waxing can cost anywhere from $20 to $150, depending on the area being treated. Home waxing kits cost around $25.

    Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal uses laser light pulses that selectively destroy hair follicles by targeting the melanin in them. More specifically, the hair follicle’s pigment absorbs the laser’s light pulse, damaging the follicle enough to significantly slow down hair regrowth. Laser hair removal can be performed anywhere on the body. Laser hair removal is remarkably effective–over 90% of hair is removed after an average of three to five sessions.

    Though its effects are not necessarily permanent, laser hair removal certainly produces longer lasting results when compared to more conventional methods like shaving, waxing and depilatories. It’s also less painful and time consuming than electrolysis. The typical cost of laser hair removal is $150 to $500, depending on the area of the body being treated.


    Electrolysis works by inserting a small needle or thin metal probe into the hair follicle. A low-level electrical current passes through the needle into the skin, destroying the follicle. Hair is unable to grow back in the area where the hair follicle has been destroyed. Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method available, and it’s most commonly used for facial hair. Because it removes hair one by one, electrolysis is not recommended for larger areas.

    The only drawback to electrolysis is that it is a tedious process, requiring up to 25 sessions. Electrolysis prices depend on the size of the area being treated, but it generally costs between $30 and $60 per session.


    Depilatories use an active chemical ingredient to dissolve the hair shaft. Unlike shaving, which leaves sharp, hard hair stubble just below the skin, depilatories leave a rounded, smoother edge. Depilatories are best used for hair on the face, arms, and legs – but they are not recommended for eyebrows or the bikini area. Depilatories are one of the cheapest methods of hair removal, costing between $5 and $10 per tube.

    The take home message is clear: pool season shouldn’t stress you out. Everyone’s grooming habits are different, and there’s plenty of easy, inexpensive ways to prep your skin. Fairly light, sparse hair benefits from simpler hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing, and depilatories. Thick, dark hair needs more permanent hair removal methods such as laser hair removal or electrolysis.

    Need help deciding which hair removal method is right for you? Contact LaserAway. We believe in using only the most cutting-edge laser technology and techniques to make your medical spa experience enjoyable. You’ve got nothing to lose but unwanted hair. If you would like to learn more about LaserAway’s laser hair removal services or schedule a free, no obligation consultation, please email us at or call us at (888) 965-2737.

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