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  • Celebrity Beauty Watch: Skincare Secrets of the Stars


    Ever wonder how stars’ skin always looks so flawless? We’ve got the answer.

    We’ve got the skincare lowdown on Kate Middleton, Naomi Campbell, Shakira, Miranda Kerr, and Halle Berry.

    From Coffee Grounds to Lip Balm

    Kate Middleton

    When money’s no object, you can treat your skin to all sorts of luxurious spa treatments! Kate Middleton reportedly owes her skin’s glow to bee venom facials, which are designed to plump up the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Naomi Campbell

    When you’re a supermodel like Naomi, it’s your job to look flawless. She apparently is a huge fan of regular microdermabrasion treatments, which are designed to exfoliate. Microdermabrasion removes dead skin cells, penetrating the skin deep to stimulate the production of collagen. The result? Smooth, clear, and glowing skin.


    While it’s hard to get Shakira to reveal her beauty secrets, there’s one she’ll admit to: The singer religiously wears sunscreen every single day. Shakira prefers sunblock designed for babies because it’s gentler than normal sunblock.

    Miranda Kerr

    Even though Miranda Kerr obviously has enough money to afford ultra-luxurious spa treatments, she swears by one beauty product: lip balm! Interestingly enough, Miranda applies lip balm around her eyes to make her skin look more radiant.

    Halle Berry

    Halle Berry always looks fabulous! Apparently, she likes to add coffee grounds to her shower gel for an easy exfoliating scrub. Halle swears by this secret, adding that it leaves her skin smooth and cellulite free.

    Want Skin Like a Celebrity?

    If you’re not a star, sometimes it can be hard achieving flawless, glowing skin. If that’s the case, then we’ve got two med spa procedures that are simple and effective:


    Get a youthful glow with Botox. Botox is a revolutionary prescription medication that improves moderate to severe frown lines, forehead furrows, smoker’s lines and crow’s feet. Botox is a great alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures. It’s quick, painless, and seldom causes side effects.

    Botox is a neurotoxin and works by attaching itself to nerve endings. Once this happens, the neurotransmitter responsible for triggering muscle contractions, called acetylcholine, can’t be released. To put it more simply, Botox injections temporarily relax the facial muscles that underlie and cause wrinkles.

    Botox offers real, noticeable results. Since Botox works by weakening facial muscles, full results are generally seen within five to seven days. You’ll see deep dynamic wrinkles gradually improve over time, in addition to the early effects seen shortly after treatment. Your results will continue to improve, until about two weeks after the procedure. At that time, you’ll be looking your best.


    Jumpstart any anti-aging regimen with Juvéderm—a revolutionary dermal filler that instantly banishes wrinkles around the mouth and nose. With just one treatment you’ll get natural looking results that last up to one year.

    Juvéderm reverses the aging process. How? Juvéderm is comprised of a smooth hyaluronic acid gel that, when injected into the skin, smooths wrinkles and folds. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule found in the human body, and its primary function is to bind and absorb water, creating volume in the face. During the natural aging process, hyaluronic acid found in the body diminishes. The result? Those annoying lines and folds. Juvéderm corrects this by restoring hyaluronic acid in the skin, helping to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and folds.

    Juvéderm produces immediate results, and these results continue to improve for one to two weeks as Juvéderm softens and draws moisture into the area. And you can expect these results to last up to 12 months. In fact, Juvéderm is proud to be the only FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler to last up to one year with only one treatment.

    Let LaserAway Help You Achieve a Stunning, Flawless Complexion

    Look like a star with LaserAway. LaserAway hires only the most highly trained staff experienced and certified in administering laser and other dermatological procedures. What’s more, LaserAway uses only innovative techniques and cutting-edge laser technology. LaserAway aims to make your medical spa experience comfortable, enjoyable and satisfying. Want to learn more about Juvéderm? Botox? Then schedule a free, no obligation consultation today by emailing or calling the staff at LaserAway at (888) 965-2737.

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