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  • Choosing a Doctor for Laser Hair Removal in Concord

    If you live in the Concord, California area you can find a plethora of people that offer laser hair removal services. The problem is, how do you choose? What credentials does she or he need to have, and what kind of lasers do you need? These are important questions to ask. Fortunately, most doctors will have a website with their professional background as well as links to testimonials from former patients. It’s important to look at those areas, as well as investigate a few others.

    Importance of a Physician

    According to the Hair Removal Journal, one of the key pieces to choosing a reputable laser hair removal facility is to find out just who is working the laser. Check to see that the office has a board-certified physician on staff, and that the physician either performs the procedure or that he or she supervises the procedure. Many laser hair removal centers offer lower cost procedures, but the physician may not be in the room or even on premises. Lasers are delicate machines, and can cause burns and scarring if not used properly. If you want great results, do some research in Concord to ensure a highly-trained, certified physician is behind the laser.

    Laser Type Matters

    When laser hair removal first began, they only used one type of laser that didn’t work well on tan or darker skin tones. All lasers for hair removal are designed to seek out pigment, or the melanin in your hair follicle. However, they aren’t designed to tell the difference between the melanin in your skin and the melanin in your hair. Now, however, there are several types of lasers a physician can choose to use. A combination might be right for your skin tone. Call your potential laser hair removal centers in Concord to find out what types of lasers they have, and whether they will work on your skin type.

    Patient Testimonials

    It’s also important to find out what your peers think of a potential hair removal office or physician. If the website provides this information, read or watch these testimonials. It’s also a good idea to check out dedicated review websites, making sure to read the good and the bad reviews. If you are considering laser hair removal, you want to make sure your skin and your health are in good hands.

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