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  • Do You Tip for Laser Hair Removal in Ventura?

    To tip or not to tip? That is a really tough question! When it comes to salon services like manicures or hair cuts, tipping isn’t questioned. Restaurants are a no-brainer, too. Perhaps the percentage is debated, but anyone who offers a service at an eatery or a spa is generally given a tip based on the quality of their service and the amount purchased. So what about laser hair removal? Does it matter if it’s done at a spa or at a medical office? We don’t usually tip doctors and nurses in Ventura, who are well-compensated, so how do we navigate the laser-hair-removal-tipping waters?

    How Is Laser Hair Removal Classified?

    One way to decide whether or not to tip is to find out if laser hair removal is more like a spa service or if it’s considered a medical procedure. Medical procedures must be performed by certified individuals such as doctors or nurses, and are typically associated with a certain amount of risk if the procedure is done incorrectly. But, in the same vein, nail technicians in Ventura are required by the state to have a license, as are massage therapists and cosmetologists. Some schools require 1,000 hours for certification for these spa-like service careers. So where does that leave laser hair removal?

    It’s a Medical Procedure

    According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, or ASDS, laser hair removal is more than just “zapping” hair. It is a medical procedure that should only be performed by a licensed physician. Furthermore, the ASDS recommends avoiding laser hair removal if it’s promoted anywhere in Ventura without the supervision of a licensed physician or cosmetic surgeon. If an inexperienced person were to attempt laser hair removal on you, and say you have tanned or darker skin, you could become seriously burned if the laser isn’t properly adjusted. See, the laser seeks out melanin, or the color in the hair. However, if you have darker skin, the laser can get confused between the hair and your skin, resulting in burns.

    When In Doubt, Ask

    So despite laser hair removal being a medical procedure, you still may feel obligated to leave a little something. If you really don’t know if you should, ask the staff about their tipping policies. Though standard tipping etiquette in the U.S. Is 15 to 20 percent, if you are shelling out 3 grand for your procedure a tip will cost you a bundle. If they don’t have a tipping policy, maybe leave 10 to 20 dollars for the service and call it even.

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