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  • Does laser hair removal work on every type of hair?

    Laser hair removal works on almost every type of hair. The two exceptions are red and gray hair. The reason behind this is that the laser targets the darkest part of the hair, the spot from which the hair grows. It is harder for the laser to pick up on red or gray hairs.

    Otherwise, laser hair removal is suitable for all types of hair: thin, light, coarse, thick, and dark. Four different types of laser are used for hair removal. Each one has a different wavelength, making it more or less effective on different types of hair. The dermatologist can determine which laser is appropriate for each client.

    The laser precisely targets each hair and destroys its follicle. It will not re-grow for an indefinite period of time. Because the laser targets each hair individually, a single treatment can take quite a while, depending on how large an area is being treated. However, once the treatment is complete, the client will not have to worry about unwanted hair for months or possibly longer.

    Hair removal lasers work on fine facial hair, thick back or chest hair, pubic hair, and underarm hair. Men and women have hair removed by laser for a variety of reasons. Many people want to remove embarrassing hair while others are just tired of shaving or waxing.

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