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  • Enjoy stubble-free skin in Newport Beach

    How do some people keep their skin looking so smooth, with no stubble or razor bumps? It’s laser hair removal and it’s available in Newport Beach.

    Laser hair removal Irvine is the process of applying heat energy (the laser) to each hair in order to damage the follicle to prevent its re-growth. Once the hair has been removed, it may take weeks or months for it to return, if it returns at all. Laser hair removal eliminates hair indefinitely. Rather than constantly shaving or waxing, you can enjoy smooth skin all the time.

    Shaving is time-consuming and causes skin irritation. Waxing is painful and messy. Until recently, there were not many other practical options for hair removal. However, laser hair removal, available in Newport Beach, is a safe, virtually painless alternative to shaving or waxing.

    Men and women have laser hair removal performed in order to eliminate unwanted body and facial hair. The benefits are clear: no time spent shaving or waxing and smooth skin for an indefinite period of time. Ladies, wear what you want when you want, without taking the time to shave every day. Do you have embarrassing facial hair? Laser hair removal is the answer. It leaves no tell-tale stubble.

    Men, do you have back hair or shoulder hair? Laser hair removal eliminates hair anywhere on your body. Go shirtless without embarrassment due to back hair. Not to mention, your skin will be touchably smooth.

    Laser hair removal Long Beach in Newport Beach is available at your local Laser Away Tattoo & Hair Removal Experts location. The closest location to Newport Beach is in Costa Mesa. Visit Laser Away to learn more about the procedure and its benefits.

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