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  • Fozzy Is Fuzzy! Why Can’t I Be Fuzzy Too?

    Many people love fuzzy creatures. Cats, dogs, hamsters, bunnies and of course Fozzy Bear can all be soft, fuzzy, cuddly creatures that we find adorable. So why is it that we don’t like fuzz when it comes to human skin? Why do we need to spend hours every week taming or removing our hair? Maybe it’s because the hair on our bodies isn’t always soft. It’s a little scratchy and crinkly. Unlike the hair on our head, it’s not easy to put product on it to make it soft and smooth. Fortunately, there are plenty of spas in Imperial Beach that offer laser hair removal to help make you more touchably soft.

    Different Hair Types

    Technically speaking, each pore on your skin is a hair follicle. Sometimes these follicles produce light, fine, soft hairs that you can barely see or feel. Other hair follicles produce dark, coarse hair that’s not so supple. There are two varieties of hair that grow on your body – vellus and terminal. Vellus hair is the soft, fine variety found on women’s bodies while terminal hair is tougher. Terminal hair is found on your head as well as on the legs, chest and back of men after puberty. Hair itself is made of keratin, which is a hard protein also found in finger and toenails.

    It’s a Tough Job

    Wherever you remove hair, it’s a tough job. You have to be consistent to maintain smooth skin, meaning unless you actually stop hair growth, you’re going to have to continue to do what you’re doing for your whole life. Or until you don’t care anymore. With waxing, you have to wait for hair to reach a certain length, then undergo the painful procedure itself. Results last for weeks, but hair does grow back. Shaving only lasts a few days, and can result in plenty of ingrown hair and red bumps. Depilatory cream also last longer than shaving, but you are exposing your skin to harsh chemicals that can burn and cause redness or irritation. If you don’t want to be fuzzy, you’re always fighting a battle.

    Laser Hair Removal to the Rescue!

    If you live in Imperial Beach or another sunny area in California, you want to have smooth, hair-free skin all the time. If you’re tired of battling your hair, turn to laser hair removal. It’s a safe, effective process that targets the hair follicle itself. The laser’s light hits the color pigment in your hair and heats the hair. The heat moves down into the follicle and voila! The laser puts a stop to the follicle’s hair regeneration, giving you permanent hair growth reduction.



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