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  • Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

    Back when developer A.W. Ross first envisioned that the 1.5 miles strip of Wilshire Boulevard would rival downtown Los Angeles, he had to wait patiently for his automobile-centered design to take root. Patience paid off, and the “Miracle Mile” is a highly traveled, high traffic area. As the cliché goes, good things come to those who wait.

    How is Laser Hair Removal Like the Miracle Mile?

    Both require patience and commitment to achieve optimal results. You won’t have to wait as long as Ross did for his pay off, but it will take some time to achieve permanent hair reduction. How much time? That depends on the size of the area, the color, coarseness or thickness of your hair and the type of lasers your physician must use to keep your skin safe. A number of sessions is always needed, and it’s important that you follow through with all of them to achieve optimal results.

    Hair Grows in Cycles

    Ready for another analogy? Much like North America’s seasons, your hair also has phases of growth, rest and regeneration. When a laser targets a hair follicle, it must do so while the follicle is in its growth phase. If your hair happens to be in its resting state, the laser treatment doesn’t work, and the hair grows back. Your doctor understands this cycle, however, which is why he or she will recommend spreading your sessions out so that you are more likely to hit the hair in any given area at the right time.

    Lots of Hair Equals More Sessions

    It’s only logical that areas with excessive amounts of hair, or hair that’s very thick and course, will take more sessions to achieve long-lasting results. If you frequently plucked or waxed these areas, you may need more time with the laser, as these hairs need to come back into their growth phase. In addition, if you have darker skin your physician must use a laser with a longer wavelength, which doesn’t always produce the same results as lasers with shorter wavelengths. You may need more sessions to become hair-free.

    Big Rewards

    So maybe you had to see your laser hair removal doctor once a month for six months; it might be worth it to be able to stroll down the “Miracle Mile” and try on swim suits or clothes that expose skin you would normally cover up because you were self-conscious of your hair growth. Laser hair removal does more than remove hair – it removes worry, hassle and a lot of time spent shaving, waxing or plucking.



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