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  • How High Tech are Your Lasers?

    How High Tech are Your Lasers?

    Laser technology is the stuff of science fiction. Being able to focus a beam or wavelength of light on a target is nothing short of amazing. Since the advent of laser technology, science, technology and medicine have all developed uses for these important devices. In the cosmetic realm, lasers are used to treat acne, reduce scars and dark spots as well as remove hair.

    Rocky Beginnings

    The first lasers used for hair removal weren’t the safe, highly-tricked out versions you see at Medical Spas in Richmond, California. Laser hair removal was a risky procedure at first, with burns, scarring and pain likely side effects of the procedure. These harmful reactions were often the result of the intensity of the laser’s pulsing light, as well as its main function – to target melanin. Melanin is pigment color, and it exists in both your skin and hair. The earliest lasers didn’t have the capacity to move through tanned or darker skin tones without targeting their melanin. The result was that the laser would burn skin cells as well as hair follicles.

    If at First You Don’t Succeed…

    Fortunately, scientists love a challenge. When the first hair removal lasers weren’t cutting it, research was done to improve how lasers worked. Different types of lasers have since been invented, some with longer wavelengths that can be used on dark-skinned individuals with less risk of those damaging side effects mentioned earlier. We’ve also gotten smart about the heat lasers emit. Currently, lasers in Richmond are equipped with cooling mechanisms that blow cool air on the skin to limit the heat on the skin but not the hair follicle.

    Current Types of Lasers

    If you haven’t tried laser hair removal before, now is a great time! You’ve managed to avoid the messy, trial period of the process and get to reap the benefits of years of perfecting the technology and application. If you visit a reputable spa in Richmond, your doctor may use one or more of four lasers for hair removal:

    • Ruby lasers are technically the oldest laser type, though the technology has been refined throughout the years. These lasers emit a short wavelength, and work best with light skin and dark hair.
    • Alexandrite lasers also have short yet powerful wavelengths, making them ideal for use on lighter skin tones.
    • Diode lasers have a longer wavelength than the previous two laser types, so are better suited for tanned or darker skin tones.
    • Nd Yag lasers offer the longest wavelength. These are the best lasers to use on the darkest skin tones.

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