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  • How Many Types of Hair Do You Have?

    Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered why hair on one area of your body looks, feels and grows differently from hair on another part of your body? It’s because you have two different types of hair on your body. They each grow in a distinctive way and have special functions. You might’ve always thought, ‘hair is hair.’ But it’s not. The hair on your head differs from the hair on your face or arms. Fortunately, no matter where the hair grows, laser hair removal salons in Valencia can keep it from growing back.

    Vellus Hair

    In women of all ages and men before puberty, the soft, fine hair that grows on the face, chest and back is called vellus hair. For some people, this hair is fine and light, so you don’t even notice it’s there. For others, however, this hair can be darker and more noticeable, particularly with darker skin tones. Your vellus hair has a specific, and important, function – it provides insulation and helps the body maintain a steady temperature. Because we live in climate-controlled facilities and wear clothing, this hair can be removed without causing stress to the body. For some people, chest or back hair as well as facial hair can be unwanted. In these cases, laser hair removal is an excellent option.

    Terminal Hair

    Terminal hair is coarser than vellus hair, and is also darker and longer. This is the stuff that grows on your head, armpits and pubic region. For men, terminal hair also grows on the face, chest, legs and back after puberty. Again, this hair is more noticeable on some than on others. Some men may have excessive hair growth on the back and wish to have it removed in Valencia or elsewhere.

    Lasers Work with it All

    Laser hair removal technology works with both vellus and terminal hair – it just has to have pigment. You see, lasers are color-seeking; they are designed to be attracted to the pigment or color in hair. Once the laser locks on hair shafts and follicles with color, the hair is heated up to a level that affects its ability to grow more hair. Essentially, the laser destroys the hair and the follicles ability to produce more.

    Body Areas

    Your Valencia-based doctor or specialist can use a laser to remove hair from almost any part of your body. Your face, neck, back, chest, legs, arms and bikini areas are all common places to target. The size of the area and the type of hair will determine how many session you need. Most laser hair removal is accomplished in three to seven sessions. Your doctor will space these sessions out to hit hair in its growth phase. The laser only works on hair in its growth phase, so it’s important to come back when he or she recommends another session.

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