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  • Industry News: Laser Away, The GREEN Choice!

    Laser Away has created a patient management system. Yes, a stellar system. In the old world and past times, the patient would have to walk in and be a part of a paper-based situation where the patient fills out forms. If the patient were to go into another location for a treatment or procedure, the receptionist would have to call the location they came from to get the proper records. This info is then archived into a chart. Such a process, right? Right. Nowadays, we want things fast—and if we can go paperless to do our part, even better!

    In a successful attempt and meeting the goal to be more eco-friendly and “go green,” LaserAway has built an in-house software management system that eliminates all the paper work hassle. It’s more efficient than printing or writing. When a new patient wants a treatment, they can simply visit and fill out a form online. It’s a concept made for LaserAway to simply track a customer online…and that means YOU. Why? So you may have an easy and accesible experience and walk into any location whenever you want. Hair free, worry free. Spread the news!

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