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  • Innovation and Luxury in One Location at LaserAway

    In recent years, medical spas have become a staple in the aesthetics and skincare industry, allowing for customers to undergo a blend of medical and spa services in one convenient location. A medical spa typically offers the relaxing environment and lavish services of a day spa alongside specialized treatments and procedures of a doctor’s office. A medical spa should be under the full-time supervision of a licensed medical professional or owned by a full-time physician, who oversees any of the medical or surgical procedures such as laser treatments, anti-aging procedures, Botox injections and Photo facials.

    The purpose of a medical spa is to offer a wide-variety of medical and wellness care options in one luxurious location. As with any medical procedure, some risks are involved and there are some important points to consider before choosing a medical spa for treatment.

    • Always verify the person performing the procedure is licensed or certified to do so.
    • Discuss the risks, no matter how minimal, before your procedure.
    • Observe your surroundings. Is the medical spa clean? Do the personnel sterilize their hands with hand sanitizer or wear gloves?
    • Express your concerns about complications and how they will be handled should they arise during or following the procedure.
    • Research the facility to know it is both reputable and legitimate.

    While there are a number of medical spas in California that meet these guidelines, LaserAway sets itself apart as an award-winning medical spa under the supervision of a renowned group of doctors. LaserAway offers twelve convenient California locations. Highly trained and certified staff members are available to perform various treatments, including Botox injections, Photo Facials, laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal. Every client is treated to a complimentary consultation, which is an opportune time to ask questions and see just how professional and clean every LaserAway facility is.

    Visit to schedule your free consultation, and take advantage of all the relaxing and luxurious services available at one of California’s best medical spas.

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