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  • Just How Permanent is Permanent?

    When it comes to laser hair removal, how permanent is permanent? Well, strictly speaking permanent means lasting or intending to last unchanged indefinitely. Indefinitely is a long time – as in “forever.” Since forever isn’t really measureable in any one of our lifetimes, what does it mean when a process, such as laser hair removal, is deemed “permanent?”

    Laser Hair Removal, a “Permanent” Procedure

    Laser hair removal is considered permanent because you can achieve near permanent results. That is to say, laser hair removal in Imperial Beach and elsewhere achieves 80 percent hair growth reduction in 80 to 90 percent of patients. Though it’s not perfect, it’s pretty close. Most patients don’t experience re-growth, while a small percentage may have some hair grow back over time. Your doctor will schedule a series of sessions, the number of which will depend on the size of the area you’d like removed, as well as your skin and hair type. You may find that annual maintenance sessions keep hair at bay more permanently.

    Why Does Hair Grow Back?

    One of the reasons hair may grow back is that the laser procedure was done during the hair’s dormant phase. Laser hair removal works best on hair in its active growth phase, which lasts for years. However, the hair follicle also has a transition and a dormant phase, neither of which allow laser hair removal to be effective.

    Another reason hair can grow back is due to its pigment. Dark hair works best for this procedure because the laser is designed to target melanin, or pigment. The laser passes through the skin and seeks out the colored hairs. If a hair is lighter in color, the laser – which targets melanin in the hair follicle – may not “see” that hair follicle. Though it may have some color, it still may not be dark enough to achieve lasting results.

    Finding Peace with “Permanence”

    So your laser hair removal procedure may not last until the end of time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy 10 to 20 years of not having to shave every day or a few times a week. If you live in Imperial Beach and enjoy wearing a bathing suit year round, have you ever thought how much time goes into shaving? Five to 10 minutes every day adds up over the course of a decade. Skipping your every day shave that lasts ten minutes can save you 60 hours a year! Imagine what you can do with a few extra days every year. Stop shaving and start dreaming.

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