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  • Laser Away Beauty Tips: Make Your Facial Last

    Upkeep time! We’ve rounded up a few great tips to make those facials last. Whether you’re treatments consist of Microdermabrasion, Photofacials, Avage or any other beauty-related re-vamp, you still need maintenance until your next treatment—especially as the summer months come into play. Here are a few key tips to making that facial last in between takes. Annnnd ACTION:

    Use the Right Cleanser—Don’t use anything that’s too harsh on your skin. Use something that is designed for your skin type. We recommend that you research, test, and test again until you find the right one. 

    Stick with an Alcohol-Free Toner—Ingredients! Make sure to check these always, especially with skin toners. Invest in a high-quality toner that infuses the skin with nutrients…and reduces bacteria. 

    Exfoliate Once per Week—Buff away dead skin cells and promote the skin cell renewal process with a weekly at-home exfoliation routine. This is easy and fun up-keep! Be sure to use a scrub with major moisturizing ingredients. 

    Sleep on Clean Pillowcases—Your pillows often absorb bacteria. Change them out frequently and be sure to use this method as a reminder to wash your face before bed. 

    Drink WATER—This is crucial for your overall skin, energy and vibrancy! 

    Questions? Ask our experts in the comment box! 

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