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  • Laser Away Buzz: Thermage® Skin Tightening Treatment

    Laser Away offers simply the best in aesthetics and laser hair removal, and we have a detailed news flash about the benefits of our treatments. Our weight fluctuates—that is just a fact of life. We RUN. We SCRUB. We do YOGA, PILATES, and use sculpting creams. We buy the products that we love that are meant to re-vamp our faces…we even rub coffee grinds on the back of our thighs! Yes, we do admit, coffee is good upkeep; but there’s even better news, and it’s called Face and Body Contouring with Thermage®. It’s simply the “way to go” as far as skin tightening treatment for eyes, face, and body. Here are some fun facts we’d like to share with you about the benefits, process and the thing we love most—RESULTS!

    Thermage®-Skin Tightening Treatment for Eyes, Face and Body:

    Thermage® is a proven radio frequency treatment. Transforming the skin by working below the surface, it addresses a wide range of imperfections that result from age and the environment. There’s nothing we can do about the environment, right? Right. The benefits of body contouring are immense: tightening of sagging skin, better, bigger definition of those beautiful facial features around the eyes, jaw, and neckline. Unsightly bulges and wrinkles? You guessed it: sculpted and smoothed out!

    Now let’s jump to how it works: well, Laser Away lovers, it works with your body, stimulating your collagen to help your skin get a sensationally smooth feel and youthful look that you’re ultimate goal is to get! There’s no surgery here, just naturally younger looking skin that takes years off your appearance. We target problem areas and because of that, the results are focused and effective! One last thing…you can return to your normally scheduled program called life immediately after treatment!

    Get on the Thermage® train right here, right now!


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