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  • Laser Away expands into San Jose

    Laser Away Tattoo and Hair Removal Experts have expanded into San Jose, California. Now San Jose residents can enjoy the smooth, stubble-free skin that comes from laser hair removal.

    Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair by destroying the hair follicle with a laser. It’s targeted hair removal with long lasting results. In some cases, the results are permanent. Other methods are primitive or just painful. Who wants to shave every day or pull out hairs with wax strips? Those are the old ways of removing hair. Laser hair removal is the newest, state-of-the-art hair removal method that is much less painful and has longer lasting results.

    For those looking for laser hair removal, San Jose Laser Away provides a clean, convenient location staffed by trained experts. You can be assured that you will receive warm, professional care and unbeatable customer service from our staff and registered nurses. Our office has the latest FDA-approved lasers for hair and tattoo removal.

    Who should get laser hair removal? Anyone who has embarrassing, unsightly, or unwanted hair should consider laser hair removal. The procedure is appropriate for men and women. Women often have hair removed from their faces, underarms and/or bikini areas. Men tend to have back hair and sometimes chest hair removed. Having indefinitely smooth skin enables you to wear what you want when you want, without thinking too much about errant hairs.

    The only possible side effect of laser hair removal is skin irritation but this is easily controlled with a numbing cream. After this minimal discomfort, you’ll soon have smooth skin in place of unwanted hair.

    If you are looking for safe, convenient laser hair removal, San Jose Laser Away is now open. Please call us at 408-248-2929 to set up an appointment. Laser Away also has offices in Walnut Creek and San Francisco.

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