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  • Laser Away now offers laser hair removal in San Francisco

    Residents of San Francisco can now take advantage of expert local hair removal services. LaserAway opened its newest location in San Francisco, bringing its advanced lasers for hair and tattoo removal to the bay area.

    Laser hair removal in San Francisco is a growing trend as more people discover how easy and effective it is. The process works by targeting the growth center of each hair and damaging it with heat energy. The hair is then unable to grow back for an indefinite period of time and sometimes it never grows back.

    The procedure can be done in the comfort of our clinic by trained professionals. Our state of the art lasers are safe and FDA-approved. Just lie back and let a member of our staff eliminate unwanted hair once and for all.

    Compare that process to shaving or waxing. Shaving causes skin irritation and razor bumps. The results only last a couple of days at the most. Waxing is very painful and can be messy. It has to be repeated every few weeks. Laser hair removal provides smooth, stubble-free skin for indefinite periods of time. There is no comparison!

    Laser hair removal is a great option for removing embarrassing body and facial hair. Women with facial hair do not want to shave and waxing hurts. Men with back hair cannot reach it to shave it themselves. Laser hair removal eliminates unwanted hair discreetly and permanently.

    Laser hair removal in is available at our LaserAway location on Union Street.

    Visit for complete directions.

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