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  • Laser Away offers professional laser hair removal in Orange County

    Residents in Orange County have a choice when they want professional, long term hair removal. Laser Away has locations in Costa Mesa and South Orange County where clients can receive laser hair removal treatments by our well-trained staff.

    Laser hair removal in Orange County is almost a necessity. The warm climate and active lifestyle lead many people to seek a more permanent solution for the removal of unwanted body and facial hair. Imagine having smooth skin without the stubble, and without shaving! Laser hair removal can make it happen.

    Laser hair removal lasts longer than shaving or waxing. Each treatment can last indefinitely. Wear shorts, a sleeveless shirt, or a bikini without worry. Clients can enjoy weeks, months, perhaps longer, without shaving or waxing.

    Laser hair removal can be performed on the face, underarms, bikini line, back, chest, and virtually anywhere else. Men and women have this procedure to remove unwanted hair. Lasers are effective on most hair types and colors, with the exceptions of red and gray hair. Otherwise, laser hair removal is suitable for coarse, thin, light, and dark hair.

    Laser hair removal is safe. Cooling systems are used during the procedure to avoid damage to the skin. Most people report a slight tingling or stinging, but it is not painful. The laser precisely targets each hair to minimize skin irritation. After laser hair removal, clients can return to normal activities, but they must wear sunscreen and avoid prolonged sun exposure.

    In addition to laser hair removal, Laser Away offers tattoo removal, anti-aging treatments, body shaping procedures, and skin rejuvenation. For more information on services and for directions visit a LaserAway location near you or find us online  to their laser hair removal centers in Orange County.




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