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  • Laser Away Top 10: Kym Johnson’s Hollywood Looks

    You all know that we’re super stoked that Kym Johnson visits us now for smooth legs—and we don’t see a reason why the”Dancing With The Stars” talented beauty wouldn’t. She needs those smooth legs to dance and inspire all of us! Speaking of inspiration, we thought about all of the gorgeous dance costumes she has worn on the show, as she’s moved her way across the floor smoothly. Because of the beautiful costumes that have shimmered us into a frenzy, we’ve hardly noticed the sweaty outtakes when her and her season-to-season partner are rehearsing. But what about off stage? We realized that we hadn’t really seen the vixen out and about…and when we went on our hunt, the kill was pure SEXY! Naturally, we’ve rounded up our top 10 Kym Johnson Hollywood looks: ENJOY!

    Psssst! Which one is your favorite???

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