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  • Laser hair removal Alameda

    People seeking laser hair removal in Alameda are just a short drive from our San Francisco location. Laser hair removal provides permanent elimination of unwanted body and facial hair. The process is safe, effective, and virtually painless. Laser Away Tattoo and Hair Removal Experts recently brought their professional hair removal services to San Francisco, making laser hair removal available to Alameda residents and visitors.

    The results of laser hair removal last longer than shaving or waxing. The procedure is much less painful than waxing and does not require constant maintenance like shaving.  Laser hair removal is the answer for unwanted body hair and facial hair on men and women.

    Many men seek laser removal for back hair. Women often get their underarms, face, and bikini lines treated to eliminate hair. It may take up to two weeks for the treated hair to fall out. Multiple treatments are needed to permanently eliminate hair, but once it is done, you may never need to remove unwanted hair again.

    During the hair removal process, an invisible beam of light and constant heat penetrates the hair follicle and destroys the hair at the root. Because the source of the hair is destroyed, the hair is unable to grow back.

    Laser hair removal is FDA-approved and safe on skin. Cooling systems are used during the procedure to protect the skin from the laser. Four types of lasers are approved for hair removal and Laser Away near Alameda has all four. Each type of laser is best suited for a different hair pigment based on the laser’s wavelength.

    Most clients describe laser hair removal as uncomfortable but not painful. People report feeling a slight burning sensation, like a rubber band snapping against the skin, but most people tolerate it without any topical anesthetic. Numbing cream can be applied to the area to be treated to make the client more comfortable. The hair removal process can take a few minutes or a few hours, depending on the size of the area being treated.

    For several weeks following laser hair removal, direct sun exposure should be avoided. The treated area should not be plucked, shaved, rubbed, or scrubbed for a few weeks following the procedure. The skin can be washed gently with soap and water.

    Laser Away Tattoo and Hair Removal Experts in San Francisco is a close, convenient laser hair removal provider to Alameda. Our staff of California-licensed and registered nurses can help you achieve smooth, stubble-free skin, permanently.

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