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  • Laser Hair Removal from LaserAway Hair Removal & Aesthetics Experts Can Help Remove Unwanted Hair and Eliminate Tedious Grooming

    Introduction to Laser Hair Removal 

    Let’s face it, everybody deals with bodily hair that is troublesome and requires maintenance. As a result,laser hair removal took the country by wave in 2006 when it became a popular form of hair removal for celebrities. Since then, the laser hair removal industry has been so successful and wide spread that LaserAway Hair Removal & Aesthetics Experts has grown to include twelve locations throughout the state of California, including Los Angeles, San Francisco  and a new facility in Scotsdale, Arizona.

    The Process of Laser Hair Removal 

    Unlike other cosmetic surgeries and procedures, laser hair removal is a non-invasive, virtually pain-free procedure. Throughout this process an invisible beam of light, which is a constant source of heat, is utilized to penetrate the hair follicle. This penetration disables and destroys the hair root while preserving the surrounding skin tissue. Since the laser targets the hair follical by detecting melanin, the pigment present in darker hair, the surrounding skin is left unharmed. However, one downfall to this procedure is that it may not be effective for individuals with light- or red-colored hair, due to the reduced levels of melanin that are present in lighter colored skin.

    Types of Lasers Available for Hair Removal 

    While many individuals understand the concept of laser hair removal, they do not understand that different types of lasers may be used for specific patients and certain procedures. In order to avoid the pitfall of inefficiency on fair-skinned individuals, the Alexandrite laser uses a laser with a shorter wavelength. Similarly, the Ruby20 is also optimal for use on individuals with fair skin, yet it can be more time-consuming to use. In contrast, the Diode uses a laser with a longer wavelength, which limits epidermal irritation and injury. It can treat larger areas more quickly than other versions. Finally, the ND and LP ND Yag has the longest wavelength and holds the potential to treat individuals of all skintones, which makes it a universal option.

    LaserAway Hair Removal & Aesthetics Experts 

    Laser Away office in San Francisco specializes in Laser Hair Removal, which  can be pain-free and efficient when performed by experienced experts. Experience and state-of-the-art technology is exactly what patients will find at this facility. To schedule a free consultation, patients can fill out the form online at Getting rid of troublesome hair has never felt so good.

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