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  • Laser Hair Removal in East Bay

    Did you know that you can get safe laser hair removal in East Bay? Laser Away has offices in San Francisco and Walnut Creek. We provide advanced laser hair removal and tattoo removal in the comfort of our clean, professionally staffed offices.

    Our office has the latest FDA-approved lasers that are proven safe and effective at eliminating unwanted hair. Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair by destroying the hair follicle with a targeted beam of light. The results are smooth, stubble-free skin that lasts sometimes indefinitely.

    Laser hair removal is more comfortable and convenient compared to traditional hair removal methods. The simple truth is waxing hurts. Hair grows back in a matter of a day or two after shaving. Laser hair removal is the new, better way to removing hair. It uses cutting edge technology to provide a better experience with better results.

    Anyone with unwanted hair should consider laser hair removal. Women can have hair removed from their faces, underarms and/or bikini areas. Men can get smooth, hair-free backs and chests. Laser hair removal can be used anywhere that unwanted hair appears. Smooth skin means wearing what you want with confidence.

    If you are searching for a provider of laser hair removal, East Bay Laser Away offices are close by and committed to your satisfaction. Please call us at our San Francisco, San Jose or Walnut Creek office at 925-937-2929 to set up an appointment.

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