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  • Laser Hair Removal in Milpitas

    A growing number of patients are starting to see the benefit of laser hair removal in Milpitas for the treatment of keloids. As an alternative to shaving, the convenient procedure is quickly becoming the preferred method for permanently removing hair as well as managing keloids.

    Two Other Treatments      

    Cortisone injections are administered to the site where the keloid is located. The person has to have it treated monthly to get the best results. The injections are used to flatten the keloid and minimize the appearance of it. The keloid doesn’t completely blend in after the cortisone injections, but the keloid is no longer elevated. The other alternative to treating the keloid is to have a surgery to cut off the keloid. The surgery does temporarily remove the keloid, but it often returns. Patients often have to have multiple surgeries because the keloid often grows back larger.

    Laser Hair Removal In Milpitas & Treatment And Keloids

    Laser hair removal to treat a keloid is easier for patients. The laser is used to flatten the keloid. It is far less noticeable when the keloid is flattened. The coloring of the keloid fades after the treatment. The person may have to have multiple sessions in order to achieve optimal results.

    Advantages Of Laser Hair Removal

    The laser hair removal in Milpitas treatment is convenient. When the person visits to have one procedure, the keloid can be treated during that same session. This means that the person doesn’t have to visit one surgeon for keloid surgery and can manage it completely within their weekly cosmetic treatment sessions.

    The surgery is also non-invasive. Because the skin isn’t being cut like in the surgical procedure, the chances of a recurring keloid growing back larger in size is reduced. Non-invasive surgeries usually have fewer complications while delivering great results.

    In the past, the laser treatments available were best suited for lighter skin. Newer technologies are now available to treat darker skin. This means that patients with darker skin can still benefit from the procedure if it is used to treat a keloid.

    Keloid treatment through laser treatment has opened the doors for women of all backgrounds to achieve the smooth, flawless skin they aspire to have.

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