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  • Live the Los Angeles Life Without Unwanted Body Hair

    Los Angeles, commonly known as the “City of Angels”, is home to the rich, the very rich, the beautiful, the famous, the not-so-famous, reality-TV stars, and everyone in between. It is a hotbed of culture, art, class, commerce, technology and design with people from all over the world flocking to the city for one dream or another. As one of the world’s major fashion focal points, Los Angeles is also home to many modeling agencies, designers, talent scouts, directors and producers attempting to create the next big moment in fashion or film.

    For any model, actor or actress wanting to be a part of that next big moment, time is a crucial element to your success. If you get a call for an audition, go-see or a callback, you might not have time to shave, wax, thread or tweeze unwanted body hair. So what do you do? You wear something you might not have worn which might not be right for the role, and you risk losing the chance at being a part of that next big moment. Having the right “look” in fashion or film is an important part of a first impression, and if you don’t have it you might lose out. So, why chance it?

    Laser hair removal technology is not only an ideal choice for any model, actor or actress who doesn’t need to spend extra time ridding their bodies of unwanted body hair, but also for anyone who is tired of the constant effort it takes to have smooth, hair-free skin. In Los Angeles, the best laser hair removal option is with LaserAway. LaserAway offers twelve convenient locations throughout Southern California. Some of the LaserAway locations in and around Los Angeles include the LaserAway centers in West Hollywood, Marina Del Rey, Sherman Oaks and Santa Monica.

    LaserAway offers only the most advanced technology with unrivaled results in laser hair removal. Each LaserAway center offers varied laser skin treatments, but most offer laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal and Photofacials. Visit to review a list of services at the LaserAway facility nearest you, and to schedule your free consultation.

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