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  • Laser Hair Removal Phoenix

    When people think about laser hair removal, they usually think about it in terms of convenience. However, there are other reasons to consider the procedure, including environmental and financial motivations. Laser hair removal Phoenix treatment centers are popular in a state that enjoys one of the highest percentages of laser hair removal sessions.

    Phoenix Laser Hair Removal Convenience

    Laser Hair Removal Phoenix - LaserAway

    The average American man spends five months of his life shaving. Imagine what a man could get done if he could reclaim the five months of shaving time he would otherwise lose. In contrast to the amount of time it takes men to shave, the average number of laser hair removal treatments needed is only four. It would take less than one day to become hairless in this manner, avoiding months of wasted time.

    For women the numbers aren’t much better. American women shave their legs an average of 12 times per month and this process takes 10.9 minutes per shave. At this rate, the average woman spends more than one whole day a year shaving. Some women have it even worse than that. Around one in ten women shave every day which adds up to a lifetime commitment of 4 months. Laser treatment would only take an average of one eight-hour workday in an entire lifetime.

    Economy of Laser Hair Removal Phoenix

    Laser Hair Removal Phoenix - LaserAway

    Most women will spend $10,000 during their lives to keep their bodies smooth and hairless through other methods like shaving and waxing. In contrast, the average cost of laser hair removal for the legs is $371 per treatment. If four of these treatments are required, a woman who chooses laser hair removal could save $8,516 in her life. If eight treatments are required, she could still save $7,032 over the course of her lifetime.

    Hair removal creams are another method of hair removal that is used by about one out of every five U.S. women. It is comparable in price to shaving. However, waxing is significantly more expensive. Women who wax report doing so only one to two times a month but the cost per treatment is much higher, around $23,000 in a lifetime. This means that laser hair removal represents a savings of approximately $20,000 in a lifetime, compared to waxing!

    Environmental Impact of Laser Hair Removal Phoenix

    Razors are made to be disposable for convenience but this can be hard on the environment. The U.S. population alone discards about 2 million razor blades each year. If these razors make their way to a recycling plant they represent a significant need for energy used to turn the components into another consumer product. However, most are not recycled and wind up in the landfill. Aside from the blades there are also disposable razor handles, cans of shaving cream, containers of after-shave and other shaving-related products discarded by the ton.

    Laser Hair Removal Phoenix - LaserAway

    There is an environmental impact to waxing as well, such as the containers the wax comes in, the used strips of material used to remove the wax, the containers full of lotions and oils for post-waxing care and more. Most of these products just end up in the landfill.

    Water waste is an important consideration when calculating the environmental impact of shaving. Leaving the water running while shaving is common and 52 percent of U.S. women report doing so. Using the figures for average American women, this represents an extra 2 hours and 10 minutes beyond normal showering time each month. At a flow rate of 5 gallons per minute, the average for an American shower head, this could represent 654 gallons of water wasted per month or 7,848 gallons per year. Fresh water is a precious resource, something that people in affluent nations tend to forget.

    The Bottom Line on Laser Hair Removal Phoenix

    As the figures show, going to a laser hair removal Phoenix treatment center is not only popular; it can also save you time and money and it’s good for the environment. In addition, an overwhelming 87 percent of people receiving laser hair removal treatments are happy with the results!

    LaserAway Laser Hair Removal Phoenix

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