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  • Laser Hair Removal Phoenix AZ

    Statistics Attest to Increasing Popularity Of Laser Hair Removal Phoenix

    Laser Hair Removal Phoenix LaserAwayPhoenix residents enjoy the benefits of a very competitive cosmetic procedure industry, which lowers the prices of hair removal treatments. More than 50 percent of Americans now consider plastic surgeries as routine health and beauty techniques, carrying no social stigmas. Studies show that people of all ages schedule laser hair removal sessions.

    • More than 10 percent of procedures treat patients aged 13 to 19.
    • More than 33 percent of procedures treat patients aged 20 to 29.
    • More than 5.5 percent of procedures treat patients aged 30 to 39.
    • More than 50 percent of procedures treat patients aged 40 or older.

    Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

    Laser Hair Removal Phoenix LaserAwayNumerous surveys have shown that more than 67 percent of laser hair removal patients in Phoenix express satisfaction that their procedures removed all their unwanted hair or at least three quarters of it. People who experienced removal of between half and three-quarters of their unwanted hair numbered 18 percent of total treatments and only 15 percent of people experienced removal of less than half of their unwanted hair.

    Some people suffer from hormonal conditions that cause excessive hair growth. Genetic factors, runaway hormone production, tumors, and metabolic dysfunctions could cause less than optimal results, but most people enjoy permanent removal of their unwanted hair.

    Number of Treatments and Costs Make Laser Hair Removal Affordable

    Laser Hair Removal Phoenix LaserAwayTreatments generally take four to six sessions because hair follicles grow at different times, and only active hair growth responds to laser treatments. Hair follicles engage in periods of active growth and dormancy. Having lighter skin tones with darker hair makes laser hair removal treatments in Phoenix more effective because lasers focus more easily on the dark hair against the lighter skin tones.

    Types of Lasers Used in Treatments

    Intense pulsed light devices and lasers send focused light to kill hair follicles, causing minimal discomfort with few complications. Special devices with longer wavelengths work better for dark-skinned patients. Light-colored hair responds less dramatically to laser hair removal treatments, but Phoenix technicians suggest using topical medications to achieve better results on patients with lighter hair.

    What to Expect After Laser Hair Removal Sessions

    Laser Hair Removal Phoenix LaserAway
    Some people need extensive treatments, but others only want hair removed from their upper lips, which technicians can accomplish in just a few minutes. Full legs take the most time because cylindrical objects have larger surface areas than patients expect. After a Phoenix laser hair removal treatment, the area may swell and turn red, and some patients observe what looks like hair growth but actually indicates that surrounding hairs have disappeared.

    Common side effects include swelling, discomfort and temporary lightening or darkening of the skin. These symptoms typically disappear within one to three days.

    The Safest Choice for Hair Removal

    In the laser hair removal industry, more than 60 percent of people aged 18 to 29 express desires to remove unwanted hair. More than 87 percent of customers assert their willingness to take the treatments again if needed. Phoenix patients enjoy minimal discomfort, no downtime, and save money on waxing, shaving, bleaching, and electrolysis by removing their unwanted hair with lasers for permanent beauty solutions.

    Laser Hair Removal Phoenix

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