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  • Laser Hair Removal Rancho Mirage

    Laser hair removal is the best solution for getting rid of hair. Mostly used by women, laser treatments also produce great results for men who are looking to remove hair. Shaving can leave stubble in its place, not to mention razor burn and ingrown hairs. Waxing can be painful and leave the skin raw and sensitive.  Laser hair removal in Palm Desert is an excellent procedure for getting rid of excess body hair successfully.

    Laser hair removal in Rancho Mirage targets the hair follicle focusing a laser at the root. Laser treatments are a solution to unwanted hair. Because of positive and long-term results for most people, hair removal is the most effective, and cost-efficient process for hair removal.

    LaserAway uses only FDA- approved techniques and lasers for proven, effective and safe methods for hair removal and permanent hair reduction. During the hair removal process, it is possible to experience an uncomfortable sensation at the target spot, but topical anesthetic may be used to help relax the patient. If the skin becomes red or swells slightly, a lubricant or lotion can be used to help with discomfort.

    Post-laser hair removal, sunscreen and limited sun exposure are important to avoid further discomfort. Do not tan or wax or pluck hairs. Also, it may also be recommended to avoid exercise for 24 hours.

    Hair removal in Rancho Mirage can be an effective and cost-efficient way to rid you of excess hair.

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