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  • San Francisco Hair Removal Facts

    The FDA approved method for the permanent reduction of body hair is laser hair removal treatment. This non surgical medical procedure permits the use of an intensely heated laser beam to pass through the outer layers of the epidermis to damage the individual hair follicle. The result being an area of skin which has a greatly reduced amount of hair growth over a long period of time. Many celebrities use facial laser hair removal treatments to enhance their features and recapture the youthful look necessary for spending every day in front of audiences and television cameras.

    Most San Francisco laser hair removal treatment centers offer the latest technologically advanced Q-switched lasers which are the forefront in this field of technology. The earlier methods of laser hair removal treatments have culminated in the most efficient and safe procedure available for a permanent reduction in visible hair on virtually any part of the body. Children under the age of eighteen years must have written parental or guardian permission to receive any type of laser hair removal treatment.

    Underarm, bikini, and facial laser hair removal procedures are the most popular treatments and each session only takes a few minutes. Both men and women greatly benefit from receiving laser hair removal treatments as it does enhance beauty and build up self confidence. Men receiving treatment on backs and shoulder areas have been quoted as stating that after the laser hair removal process they feel revitalized.

    San Francisco laser hair removal is a hygienic method of removing hair. Hair is a carrier of germs and unlike shaving does not aggressively rip the skin allowing germs to enter through cuts causing possible infections. Once the sessions to remove hair from a particular area are complete there is no need for any type of hair removal procedure for several months.

    Like every other medical treatment, there are certain risks involved in laser hair removal techniques. Blistering, scabbing, and a mild stinging sensation may vary from patient to patient depending upon their skin pigmentation and the density of the hair to be removed.

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