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  • Make Permanent Tattoos Temporary with LaserAway

    Tattoos are no longer as taboo as they were three decades ago, which means more and more people are playing with permanent ink than ever before. However, Los Angeles has always been a prime location for tattoo artists and fans alike to congregate. As tattoos have become more popular, so have the horror stories of tattoo mishaps. Misspelled names or places, unfinished designs and all-around bad choices are just a few of the reasons people give for wanting to remove tattoos. For years, tattoo removal was not an option – permanent meant forever. Now, with laser tattoo removal, permanent is a thing of the past.

    How does laser tattoo removal work? Short pulses of concentrated light target the ink pigment of the tattoo and break it apart into smaller pigment particles, which the body can then safely absorb. The surrounding skin is not affected by the laser, and after several treatments your tattoo nightmare is just a bad memory. There are several factors to consider which affect the success of laser tattoo removal. Here are some questions you may be asked during your laser tattoo removal consultation:

    • How the tattoo was applied?
    • How long ago was it placed?
    • Does your tattoo have any color?
    • How big is your tattoo?
    • Where is your tattoo located?

    The more evenly the tattoo was applied to the skin, the easier it will be to remove, so the more experienced the tattoo artist the better. Plus, with more than one hundred tattoo inks available, it is hard to know which ones will respond best to laser tattoo removal. Older tattoos used different types of ink, which seem to respond better than newer inks. It has also been found that black ink is easier to remove than colored inks like green, yellow or red, which influences how much of the tattoo will be removed.

    Like tattoos, laser tattoo removal can be uncomfortable. Fortunately, most laser tattoo removal machines utilize a built-in cooling system to reduce the heat in the skin, which can make the tattoo removal experience even more problematic. It also helps that each treatment only last a few minutes, which makes tolerating it easier too.

    For laser tattoo removal in Los Angeles, LaserAway is the leader in laser skincare treatments. Visit to schedule your free consultation with a LaserAway specialist and find out if laser tattoo removal is right for you.

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