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  • Laser Tattoo Removal Palm Springs

    Tattoos have become increasingly popular, but their downsides have not changed much. They can still cause problems in professional environments and (especially if they pertain to earlier loved ones) personal relationships as well. Anyone seeking laser tattoo removal in Palm Springs will be glad to learn that LaserAway offers simple, and effective alternative to, what you may have believed to be permanent, tattoos.

    Lasers work to remove tattoos by producing short bursts of intense light. This light moves harmlessly through the top layers of the skin until the tattoo pigment absorbs it. The energy from the laser fragments the tattoo pigment into smaller particles, which the body’s immune system then removes. The laser does all this without damaging the surrounding skin! Prospective LaserAway patients are advised that multiple treatments are often required in order to remove a tattoo entirely. The number of treatments depends on how much ink was originally used, and how deeply into the skin it was injected. Experienced doctors recommend waiting three to six weeks between each treatment, to allow the body to do its part of removing the pigment. Fortunately, each session takes only a few minutes.

    The renowned doctors at Laser Away are experts in laser tattoo removal. To learn more about the procedure, view a tattoo removal gallery’s before-and-after photos, and even schedule a free consultation with a skilled cosmetic physician, visit today. There’s no longer any need to allow an earlier to decision to continue casting a shadow over your life today. Look into laser tattoo removal, and you can start moving in the direction that’s right for the person you are now!

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