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  • Let LaserAway Save You From Your Tattoo Nightmare

    LaserAway has operated in California for more than six years, with twelve locations conveniently dispersed throughout the southern region. Recently, LaserAway expanded its award-winning services into Arizona, bringing its elite medical spa services to Phoenix, Arizona. Among the many services offered at the new Phoenix location is laser tattoo removal.

    Laser tattoo removal has quickly gained popularity as a solution to what used to be a permanent mistake. There are many people who make decisions to get tattoos in the heat of the moment, and then after time has passed regret the ink on their skin. There are some who plan out every little detail of their tattoo, but something goes wrong during the application and the tattoo doesn’t turn out like they’d hoped. For years, either situation would lead to either trying to get an expensive cover-up tattoo, which might end up worse than the original mistake, or to just use clothing and bandages to cover up the embarrassing tattoo. Now, tattoo nightmare sufferers have some relief with laser tattoo removal.

    Laser tattoo removal utilizes laser technology to target the ink pigment and obliterate it without damaging the surrounding skin. Each treatment session takes just a few minutes, but several sessions may be required. Just like with getting tattoos, laser tattoo removal is not a painless procedure, and how uncomfortable it is will depend on the individual, how large the tattoo is, and how damaged the skin is from the tattoo. It’s important to understand that laser tattoo removal may not completely remove the tattoo depending on the ink that was used, how long you’ve had the tattoo and how the tattoo was applied, but you will see a significant reduction in the visibility of the image on your skin.

    LaserAway in Phoenix offers a free consultation to anyone interested in discussing laser tattoo removal. Write a list of questions and bring the list with you so you can get all the answers you need. You’ll find each laser tattoo removal technician knowledgeable, courteous, experienced and professionally trained to give you the best results possible. Visit to sign up for your laser tattoo removal consultation and know you don’t have to hide your tattoo nightmare anymore

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