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  • Laser Tattoo Removal San Francisco

    There are many reasons why a person would seek laser tattoo removal in San Francisco. Some people feel restricted for employment opportunities, whilst some simply grow out of the tattoo fashion and just want them gone. For many, it is the change in circumstances which encourage them to seek laser tattoo removals such as the name of their old girlfriend or boyfriend needs to be taken away. Whatever the reason LaserAway provides state of the art lasers and technicians to assist in removing all professional and home made tattoo inks from the skin.

    The modern Q-switched lasers allow tattoo ink to be removed permanently from any part of the body. Usually darker inks such as black and deep blue can be removed easier than lighter colors. There are several different types of Q-switched lasers and each one specifically removes certain color pigmentation from the skin. The laser tattoo removal treatments work by passing the ultramodern Q-switched laser over the tattooed area. The individual ink particles in the tattoo will absorb the intense heat of the laser beam and will begin to break. As the individual ink particles break up they are naturally absorbed by the body and disposed of harmlessly through the bodies natural defence and wastage system.

    The whole process involved with laser tattoo removal procedures actually mimics fading by the sun and age but on a much quicker pace. Not all prospective clients are able to receive laser tattoo removal in San Francisco and an initial consultation with a professional is recommended before treatment. The laser tattoo removal success rate can depend on the patients immune system and type of ink.

    Laser tattoo removal is a non surgical medical procedure, and as with all medical procedures there are certain risks factors which must be understood before any treatment is received. A LaserAway tattoo removal professional will advise each prospective client of any possible risk and side effects prior to treatments beginning.

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