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  • LaserAway Interview: Actress Amy Paffrath

    Amy Paffrath & Drew Seeley are a Romantic Comedy come to life! She’s an actress and comedienne, best known for her hosting of Jersey Shore: After Hours, and he’s an actor/singer, best known for Another Cinderella Story. Nuptials are planned for early 2013 with a fantastic destination wedding, so it was only natural that the gorgeous, bubbly and innovative starlet chose our West Hollywood location for a bridal party extravaganza  with her best gal pals and bridesmaids where they got treatments galore and a relaxing day! We made sure that we captured the exciting moments, presented her with the LaserAway Fall Gift Bag filled with some of our favorite brands and sat down to talk beauty rituals, favorite products and…marriage!

    LaserAway: What’s your first memory about beauty? Were you the girl that played in mommy’s closet and make-up bag?
    AP: My earlier make up memories are from dance recitals. I always loved putting on blush and lipstick for shows. I was definitely a girly girl who played in moms closet and smeared her make up all over my face. I had that’s plastic Barbie kitten heels that all little girls had in the 80s. Those were pretty rad! But I also had skinned knees at the same time from getting rowdy with my brothers.

    LaserAway: Is that when you knew you needed to be an on-camera gem? Your “first time” in front of the camera was like…
    AP: As a middle child, I’ve always been a bit of a show boat. I’m one of 7 kids so craving attention is an understatement. We would make movies with mg grandmas video camera and do newscasts in her basement. Plus I started dance and gymnastics very young so performing in front of people is part of my earliest memories. My first legitimate on camera experience was shooting a training video for Wehrenburg theaters when I was 17. Not exactly my big break, but a start nonetheless.

    LaserAway: We recently hosted an exclusive “pampering day” bridal soiree for you and your bridesmaids at LaserAway WeHo. Did you enjoy yourself? What were your favorite items from the bridal swag bag we gifted you?
    AP: Oh. My. Gosh! We had the best time at laser away! The staff was amazing and so knowledgable and took the time to answer all of our questions. I was surprised at how comfortable laser hair removal is. I didn’t feel a thing!! My favorite thing in the goodie bag is the LaserAway SPF 50 Sunscreen. Like I said, I’m a sun protection junkie 🙂

    LaserAway: How does your daily beauty routine change with the seasons? Any secrets you’d like to tell us on what you use, regimens and treatments?
    AP: In the winter I lather on Sibu Seabuckthorn seed oil before i go to bed. It’s super hydrating and helps restore moisture loss as you sleep. I use it on my cracked knuckles and elbows too. It’s an amazing all purpose beauty and first aid ointment. You gotta protect your skin!

    LaserAway: In a few short sentences, tell us about your exciting career as an actress, comedienne and on-camera host! 
    AP: I’m keeping busy hosting Jersy Shore After Hours and specials on MTV. It’s seriously a dream come true to be kn MTV, as I grew up idolizing VJs like Vanessa Manillo and Damien Fahey who funny enough is now in my sketch comedy group! Life is so random like that. I’m also on the show, Hot In Cleveland Nov. 28th!! Stoked that my grandma can finally enjoy watching a show I’m on.

    LaserAway: Amazing! Your job literally requires you to stay beautiful—is there more pressure on the way you look because of this status quo?
    AP: A little bit yes. But I can’t tell you how many competently I get on my skin thanks to Sibu beatuy. It’s amazing really. It makes me feel confident to go out with nothing but lipstick and mascara kn. I try not to put pressure on myself to always look out together but i love fashion and make up so it’s part of me. At the end of te day I’m happy with what god gave me. He doesn’t make mistakes 🙂

    LaserAway: Bride Talk: How many more months until you and sweetheart Drew Seeley tie the knot?! How are the wedding plans going?
    AP: We are about 6 months out so it’s gettin exciting! The planning is going great and we are almost all set. We’re in that calm before the storm where it’s too early to finalize something’s and we already have the big things in place. It’s been a very fun experience!

    LaserAway: What are your ideas and thoughts on aging and non-surgical treatments? Spill it!
    AP: You know what, I think taking care of your skin with proper nutrition and healthy anti aging care is first and foremost. However people have the right to feel good about themselves. I don’t think outer beauty should be so important to people but its a part of our society. If a person feels better but getting a little non surgical injection so be it. I think discretion and moderation are key and no one should be able to tell you’ve done anything.

    LaserAway: If you could spend a day at the spa with a beauty icon past your time, who would it be?
    AP: Cindy Crawford! She’s always been the epitome of an all American natural beauty. I grew up wanting to be her in her Pepsi commercials and I saw her in person at an event recently. She’s still got it! Ill have what she’s having 🙂

    *Have it, Amy! If you would like to throw a Bridal Soiree for your bridal party, call us and get the deets…and get gifted!*

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