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  • LaserAway is the Gold Medalist of Laser Hair Removal

    Chula Vista offers the same sunny and warm Mediterranean climate as the rest of Southern California, but its prime location in the beautiful South Bay region of the San Diego Bay is what makes it so popular with tourists. There are a number of activities to do in the area, including a visit to the Chula Vista Nature Center or spending the day at the Chula Vista Marina. Also located in Chula Vista is one of the country’s few year-round United States Olympic Training centers.

    Athletes live and train at the U.S. Olympic Training center in Chula Vista for periods throughout the year, working hard to become the best in their field. Olympic training schedules are strict and require a lot of dedication from the athletes who pursue gold medal dreams. Everyone wants to be the best, but the talented athletes who work the hardest are the ones who end up on the podium. Like any gold medal athlete, LaserAway is the best at laser hair removal. LaserAway uses on the most cutting-edge technology for superior results, and costs a lot less over time.

    LaserAway offers its clients smooth skin for longer periods of time than traditional hair removal methods, and is specifically FDA approved for long-lasting hair removal. Athletes, celebrities, business people and college kids all want to spend less time shaving and waxing, but no one wants to spend thousands of dollars to get the smooth skin they want. LaserAway has chosen to keep its prices manageable, no matter what your income, because everyone deserves to have the smooth skin they want.

    Whether you’re striving for gold or just for a day outdoors in Chula Vista, visit LaserAway online at to schedule your complimentary consultation and never worry about shaving or waxing again.

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