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  • LaserAway – Summer’s New Best Friend

    Encinitas, California enjoys much of the same Mediterranean climate that the rest of Southern California, which means mild temperatures and lots of sun year round. Encinitas also offers a number of annual festivals and outdoor activities for its residents, which means keeping your body in summer shape all year long. Most men and women know fitness and tanning are two ways to be summer ready, but hair removal is also a crucial point to consider when preparing for the hottest season of the year.

    Shaving and waxing are the more traditional methods of hair removal, but they are both temporary and time-consuming. They can also damage the skin irrevocably if done incorrectly. As technology has advanced, laser hair removal is now a viable option for anyone who wants long-lasting, even indefinite, hair removal results. Laser hair removal utilizes an invisible beam of concentrated light and heat to penetrate the hair follicle and destroy it at its root. In just a few sessions, laser hair removal rids your body of unwanted body hair for weeks on end.

    LaserAway is dedicated to providing consistent results for the residents of Encinitas and surrounding areas at its nearby San Diego facilities. LaserAway uses only the most superior technology with an elite and expertly trained staff. LaserAway has developed a stellar reputation for providing only the best in laser hair removal procedures, and is a favorite among celebrities like the Kardashian family and prime time television actors and actresses.

    LaserAway wants to help you rid your body of unwanted body hair and get into summer shape with laser hair removal. Visit LaserAway online at for special offer information, package and gift ideas, a list of available services and to schedule your free consultation with a LaserAway specialist. Don’t spend your summer shaving or waxing when you could be out playing in the sun! Whether you’re in Encinitas or in nearby San Diego, let LaserAway help you get summer ready now.

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