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  • LaserAway Unwanted Body Hair in San Francisco

    Traditional methods of hair removal such as shaving, tweezing or waxing are quickly become a thing of the past thanks to laser hair removal. Laser hair removal utilizes cutting-edge technology to remove unwanted body hair for longer periods of time. In fact, laser hair removal is one of the only FDA-approved methods to safely remove unwanted body hair with long-lasting results.

    Laser hair removal is performed usually in a doctor’s office or medi-spa setting by a licensed and trained professional. A highly concentrated beam of light and heat is directed into the base of the hair follicle, instantly dissolving the hair at its root. Several treatments may be necessary depending on the coarseness of the hair and the size of the section of hair being removed. For example, removing the hair on the upper lip may just take two or three sessions, but removing the hair on the legs or back may take twice the amount of sessions. Laser hair removal is virtually pain-free with minimal post-procedure recovery. Most patients report smoother skin in a matter of weeks that lasts for months on end. Can you say the same for your razors, waxes or tweezers?

    LaserAway is the premier medi-spa for laser hair removal in San Francisco. LaserAway specialists are highly trained professionals who utilize state-of-the-art laser technology to rid you of unwanted body hair. LaserAway offers each client a safe, clean, comfortable spa-like environment so your laser hair removal experience is more like a mini-vacation instead of a minor medical procedure. You get all the expertise of a doctor’s office without the sterile environment – a win for everybody.

    LaserAway has been voted the Best Laser Hair Removal Med Spa and is an Allergan’s Black Diamond Recipient for 2012. Let LaserAway give you the smooth, hair-free skin you want for longer than you imagined possible. Visit or call 1-888-965-2737 to schedule your free, first-time customer consultation.

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